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15th June 2018


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'Dry Clean' in your own home!

* AEG-ProTex-L98699FL-LS.jpgAEG believes that great clothes deserve great care which is why its washing machine range includes an innovative steam function amongst its many other state of the art features. Its steam feature can change the way we clean our clothes forever. AEG's ProTex washing machines can 'refresh' and 'de-crease' even dry-clean only garments, which means you can cut back on those costly and time consuming trips to the dry cleaners!

With the days getting busier and more hectic by the hour, AEG washing machines are designed for your convenience. The anti-crease steam programmes are a highly practical feature to have as they remove creases and wrinkles, making ironing a much easier task. The steam functions can also 'refresh' clothes by removing odours and the 'worn all day' look when you are in a hurry.

The top of the range AEG ProTex washing machine L98699FL has a range of steam settings to choose from to suit your different fabric needs to deliver the best possible results. Each steam function is available at your fingertips on the LogiControl touch display. This clear and concise user interface allows you to intuitively pick the setting that is right for your needs.

What setting is right for which garment?

Anti-crease: During the hustle and bustle of commuting, working, shopping and caring for your family, it's not hard to run out of time for ironing. With the Anti-crease setting a 30 minute de-wrinkling programme removes the majority of creases and wrinkles for up to 1kg (approximately five shirts) of your laundry.

Refresh: The Refresh programme allows you to quickly pop the shirt off your back into the washing machine to remove the day's odours and restore that clean, crisp look that you had at the beginning of the day. At only 20 minutes long, this setting is quick, convenient and appropriate for up 1kg of synthetic garments.

Refresh your suits!

If you only want to refresh your suit, rather than send it to the dry cleaners for a thorough dry clean, the AEG ProTex steam function is perfect for this. If you normally take your suit to the dry cleaners 4 - 5 times per year, you could cut this down to just once or twice a year. With a man's suit costing around £12 (based on Johnson's The Cleaners price at 14th July 2011) to dry clean, the cost savings are also significant as the steam function costs around 3 pence to run.

How does the steam programme work?

Step 1. A small quantity of water, determined for you by the washing machine's intelligent weight sensors, is poured into the tub using a very precise level control in order to just cover the heating element

Step 2. Steam is created by the contact between the water and the hot heating element.

Step 3. Steam penetrates the fabrics quite easily and quickly. In fact, a 'refresh' steam programme like ours requires very little energy, less than 0.2 kWh! That around 3 pence (based on 1kWh = 15 pence).

Result? The steam lets the garments become more flexible, relaxing the fibres, removing creases and folds. In reality, the machine is using steam like an iron does.

How? In garments that have already been worn, steam absorbs the odours in the same way as the outside fresh air would do, but much more quickly

The steam function is just one of the many innovative features of AEG's ProTex Washing Machines.

T: 08445 611611
W: www.aeg.co.uk

22nd July 2011

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