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15th June 2018


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Are you guilty?

Dawn Harlow, from the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association, (dawnharlow@kbsa.org.uk) tells us that a number of emails which have been sent out to members recently, have bounced back.

We occasionally have readers complaining that they "appear to have dropped off the circulation", only to find on investigation that they actually have a new email address which they didn't tell us about, or have even moved company, again, without updating us so it can be quite a common problem.

So if you've recently changed email addresses, do make sure you let everyone know!

The KBSA is also suggesting that you might consider adding other members of your staff to its mailing lists - your designer(s), showroom/installation managers etc who might benefit from its regular updates.

I think that's a great idea as it helps keep everyone up to date with what's going on.

And while you're doing that, why not add them to KBZine's mailing lists too? It's completely free of charge and judging by the feedback we receive from our readers and the click-throughs to our banner links, we reckon that it must be a useful reference for anyone in the industry. Other members of your team might also have some suggestions for editorials that you might not have considered, which could be featured on our pages too...




Jan Hobbs


21st October 2011

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