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15th June 2018


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CRL launches 6K Hydrophobic Surface Protection System - it isn't like other glass coatings!

* 6K.jpgCRL proudly brings to the market a new surface protection system specifically designed to protect both glass and stainless steel. 6K by CRL is a two-step surface protection treatment with a three year protection lifespan.

6K uses nanotechnology and provides a hydrophobic, water repellent nanocoating, the hydro- and oleo phobic effects makes it difficult for particles of contamination such as grease and dirt to adhere and allows them to be easily removed, without applying abrasive agents - giving the 'easy-clean' effect.

Easily applied in two stages to give a three year protection lifespan, 6K also provides great value for money. A one litre bottle will cover approximately 100m2, offering almost four times the coverage of alternative synthetic polymer silicones.

6K isn't like other glass coatings, it's a natural silica dioxide based solution. Silica dioxide is most commonly found in nature as sand or quartz and is not to be confused with the synthetic polymer silicone.

Silicon dioxide-based 6K provides several benefits in comparison with synthetic silicone products. 6K provides longevity; its UV-stability facilitates functionality for a number of years - approximately the lifetime of the coated surface, whereas synthetic polymer silicone products are damaged slowly by sunlight. 6K creates a permanent chemical bond with the substrate and provides excellent abrasion resistance; synthetic polymer silicone can be easily removed by abrasion. 6K provides chemical stability and is resistant to almost all standard household and industrial cleaners (with the exception of alkali) many synthetic polymer silicones must be reapplied after cleaning the surface.

"6K is a quality product that offers great value and versatility," says Chris Pepper, Marketing Manager for CRL.

"Designed primarily to give complete protection to both glass and stainless steel, it is ideal for combined glass and stainless steel installations like canopies, balustrades and railings, such as the TAPER-LOC system. 6K can also be used on cladding, quartz surfaces and glazed ceramic surfaces such as tiles, toilets and sinks, making it an ideal solution for a bathroom environment.

6K is applied in two easy colour coded stages, Pre-clean (red) and Protect (blue). Pre-Clean is applied using a specifically designed red cloth to ensure an ideal clean surface in preparation for 6K Protect application. 6K Protect is effortlessly applied with a blue cloth using 2 - 3 trigger sprays per 0.25m2 it is easily polished into the surface until clear.

Immediately after the application of 6K Protect, the nanoparticles form a strong bond with the surface in a chemical reaction. After only a few minutes the water spray test will show good droplet formation. After about 24 hours the reaction is completed and the coating is fully durable.

Even before completion of the reaction 6K Protect can be touched and can come into contact with moisture immediately after coating. After application, if a glass cleaner is to be used on the surface, a non-Silicone based cleaner must be used. CRL AC6050 Cleaner is recommended.

C R Laurence is a leading supplier to the architectural, glazing, railing, construction, industrial, and automotive industries. Offering more than 50,000 products, the company serves the industry from locations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

E: chris_pepper@crlaurence.co.uk

2nd November 2012

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