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28th January 2021


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EWL pushes for incentives to replace old bathrooms with the latest water/ energy efficient products

* Yvonne-Orgill-BMA.jpgYvonne Orgill, managing director of the European Water Labelling Scheme, argues the case for cash incentives that will persuade householders using dated products to swap to more efficient alternatives

"Since the latest toilet models flush with a maximum of four litres, it follows that 10 million of the houses in England use twice the amount of water they need to.

The research concludes that if the existing water-guzzling toilets were replaced there is a potential to save at least 644 million litres of water per day in England alone.

The European Water Labelling Scheme works within the UK - and across Europe, to mitigate the impact of the increasing demand for water. This voluntary scheme, which now boasts over 8000 products across 93 well-known bathroom brands, is growing rapidly as its success becomes more widely known.

Bathroom and Kitchen Manufacturers are working diligently to develop products which are both water and energy efficient whilst maintaining excellent performance and consumer satisfaction.

While it is recognised that the latest products are designed to consume less water EWL, re-emphasises that even more significant water and energy savings can be accomplished through strong incentives to replace the older plumbing products currently installed in existing properties with the very latest water-efficient alternatives.

Members of the Labelling Scheme have considered, for some time, that a major reduction in water consumption can be achieved throughout Europe if householders were incentivised with a straight no-nonsense cash payout, to replace their old water guzzlers. A similar scheme to reduce old central heating boilers a few years ago proved a massive success.

EWL is urging the European Commission to develop and implement a robust European-wide scheme to deliver monetary incentives to encourage both householders and businesses to purchase replacement water-efficient toilets, showers, bathroom and kitchen taps, faucets, and other plumbing products. The latest products show no loss of performance but they do show massive reductions in water and energy consumption.

Now is the time to create the cash incentives for consumers and businesses to purchase and install water-efficient bathroom products.

Now is the time when steps to preserve our precious resources must be taken.

As good stewards of the environment, EWL wants everyone to know that modern bathroom and kitchen products have an immediate effect on saving water, and energy. There have been tremendous advancements in the technology and efficacy of plumbing products during the last five years. And just as you wouldn't use a 20-year-old mobile phone, it doesn't quite make sense to use a 20-year-old bathroom. The industry is playing its part in the drive for water and energy efficiency. Now let's hope the EU will play its part too and create the required incentives.

Saving water and energy makes sense. It saves you money, and your kids' future."

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25th September 2015

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