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28th January 2021


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Will you be arguing with your family over Christmas, about who's going to do the dishes?

* Washing-up-Christmas-Tree.jpgWhile much of Europe can sit back and relax after enjoying their festive feast, the UK will still be playing host to that age-old argument of who has the chore of washing up.

In a survey by Hotpoint, the brand revealed that over 42% of those polled believe that dishwashers are a waste of either water or energy, whilst over 55% expressed they don't have enough space for a dishwasher*. These beliefs have resulted in poor dishwasher penetration in the UK of just 41.9%, whilst Germany and France reap the rewards of these efficient appliances at 69 and 63%**.

We're all aware of the family chaos that transpires after a delicious feast the moment the discussion of washing up is brought to the table - but this could all be forgotten with the use of a dishwasher. According to research, the average UK household washes over 1,000*** dishes in December alone - that's hours upon hours of washing up, when it takes just a few minutes to load and unload the inevitable mountain of dishes from a dishwasher.

Hotpoint's survey highlights the common misconceptions surrounding dishwashers, which are simply no longer the case - the modern dishwasher is an efficient, effective, and time saving kitchen solution...

Many of today's dishwashers feature sensor technology to automatically monitor and adjust the water and energy required for each load. Furthermore, some dishwashers use as little as six litres of water to wash more than 10-place settings, much less than washing up by hand. Additionally, over 55% of those polled believe they simply don't have space for a dishwasher, however, most manufacturers offer slimline models that can fit in a small 45cm gap - the same width as a tea towel.

"Our latest survey demonstrates that there are still many misconceptions about dishwashers, but the reality is that these appliances offer great savings on water, energy and time, let alone stop those typical family arguments during the festive season," argues Ian Moverley, brand communications director for Hotpoint. "It's a shame that the UK is so behind many other European countries when it comes to dishwashers, where the demand for energy efficient appliances is much higher. It appears the UK is behind the times when it comes to adopting energy efficient appliances.

"Dishwashers make life so much easier, especially at Christmas time, when instead of bickering about the washing up, the family can relax and spend some quality time together."

Hotpoint is currently running a dishwasher promotion, during which the company is offering a free set of Dartington Crystal glasses and a pack of Finish tablets with all dishwasher purchases until this coming Christmas Eve.

T: 03448 240 055
W: www.hotpoint.co.uk

*Hotpoint survey conducted via Survey Money of 1,066 consumers in November 2015

**Source: Nielsen and GFK/HQ 2013

***Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel & Richter Study, approved by Reckitt Benckiser. Research by Hr.Richter of Bonn University recorded that 47 items are washed per dishwasher load in UK households. He measured that 33% of dishes were still washed by hand, even in dishwasher households, meaning the total number of dishes cleaned per dishwasher occasion is 70 dishes. Nielsen Homescan Panel reported an average 17 tablets sold/used in December 2014. The 17 tablets used x the 70 dishes per wash occasion - a total of 1,190 dishes in December.

11th December 2015

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