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28th January 2021


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Stylish bathroom solutions for all ages and abilities; Italian by design

* tiny-toilets.jpgWe regularly attend shows in Italy and John's hearty "Buongiorno" never fails to impress those who believe they're talking to someone with a great command of the Italian language, until John confesses: "That's all I've got." It was the same with Ponte Giulio's Stefano Carniti, but that didn't dent Stefano's enthusiasm in showing us around the stand.

Ponte Giulio is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of safety solutions for bathrooms, with a range of products suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and other commercial and residential buildings. We loved the range designed for bambinos (pictured).

* tiny-basins.jpg"We are doing more in and learning more about the English market, thanks to our presence at events such as this, where we show our latest advances in bathroom fittings and enable those for whom safety, functionality and elegance are paramount, have hands on experience of what we offer," said Stefano.

"UK bathrooms are undergoing rapid evolution: they are becoming, in effect, a critical part of the home when it comes to furnishings, treatment and value. Householders seek beautiful accessories and efficient products, which excel not only in their lines, but also in the choice of materials and innovation.

"Like much of the rest of Europe, the UK is seeing a rise in the average age of the population and therefore our aids, made using quality raw materials; designed to be durable, functional and easy to install; suitable for any environment, both private and public, have found great support in a market where the idea of ??accessibility was similar to that found in hospitals and nursing homes.

"Why should bathrooms designed for the aged, infirm or disabled look like torture chambers?

"People need functionality and robustness, but they also seek attractive products; this is what we are offering - functionality, luxury and style."

Moving onto the children's ranges, he added:

"It is rather a design challenge to produce a range that will cater for children, who differ so widely in terms of physical differences in growth and development, as well as between genders, but our designs are proving popular," he said.

"If you want to look after a child regardless of location or environment you need care and attention. Devotion to children is a priority in every culture and the formation of a future citizen is an important and continuous commitment; investing in good personal hygiene habits when people are still children, is an investment in society."

For these reasons, Ponte Giulio has developed Bagnocucciolo, a furniture system that aims to combine aesthetics and functionality and one that offers the ideal solution for children's bathrooms in home nursery, kindergartens and preschools, entertainment areas, motorway service stations and restaurants. It is offered in a wide range of colours, designs, finishes and sizes, to suit the facility in which it is to be installed.

T: +39 0763 316 044
E: [email protected]
W: www.pontegiulio.it

11th March 2016

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