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28th January 2021


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Abode's Pronteau: water the way you want it, when you want it

* Abode-Pronteau.jpgWe'd heard it was on its way but KBB was the first chance we'd had to see it in action, although we forgot to ask whether the name, Pronteau, is a play on the slogan 'water the way you want it, when you want it' - i.e. 'pronto'!

The new 4-in-1 Pronteau Ph-balanced filtered water system delivers a choice of steaming water at the exact temperature you want. No scum, scale or bad tasting hot drinks and no spitting or spurting as hot water is pumped at a steady three litres per minute.

No surprises or accidents either - the water is presented in a controlled and accurate manner, while the inhibiting filter cartridge prevents limescale build-up and corrosion, ensuring a longer and more cost-efficient life of the boiler unit and tap (as well as, possibly, of users, who will be drinking cleaner, healthier water without having to handle a kettle full of boiling water!).

* Pronteau-magnet.jpgThe patented Pronteau mixertap uses the innovative Hotkey as a simple but effective mechanism for the safe delivery of the piping hot water. Without the Hotkey, the tap will become a regular 3-way mixertap, but with it, the hot and steamy magic begins.

The entire Pronteau 4 in 1 mixertap range has been designed with an insulated central channel from which the hot water is dispensed, which means that although the water arrives hot, the outside surface of the tap remains cool and safe to the touch.

"The science is under the sink," explained marketing manager Helen Clark (pictured), showing us the slimline ProBoil3 under-counter unit. Developed in the UK, this intelligent 'self-diagnostic' boiler unit will provide users with an energy-efficient, long-term supply of pH balanced filtered and temperature controlled water via its three litre capacity tank. It is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour.

ProBoil3 has been designed to look after its own long term health, leaving householders to get on with the more important things in life. The ProBoil3 will measure its own temperature and keep an eye on any limescale build up, prompting politely when it needs a change of filter or a simple descale, so householders don't have to remember. It also features an automatic 'eco mode', ensuring that the daily running costs remain low - in many cases less than the cost of using a kettle.

Crystal clear, filtered water on tap, improves the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness/limescale. The Pronteau mixertap uses a 5-micron carbon block membrane which maintains effective particle protection. Special bypass valve technology can be set to local water conditions for perfect scale and acidity control.

The tap also provides 'everyday' hot, cold and warm water of various temperatures, to suit various household tasks. But it's not as simple as that... Bubbles are infused in the water to reduce splashing in sink bowls.

The tap also features a a fully rotating spout for delivering hot and cold water that can reach all areas of the bowl for cleaning and washing.

T: 01226 283434
W: www.abode.eu

11th March 2016

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