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28th January 2021


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The forthcoming EU referendum is dominating the press and some of the ‘news’ that’s being published, beggars belief. And then of course there are the things we should be being told, which are not being reported on.

I for one feel insulted by some of the stuff we’re being fed, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous if you think about it, but of course there are many who’ll swallow everything without a further thought and those who won’t read anything other than their usual Daily and thus won’t be aware of the full picture, before casting their vote. It’s rather frightening, isn’t it, when you consider what’s at stake?

In business, we have to be careful about making our views known because feelings can run so high when it comes to the EU, that relationships can be damaged when those holding opposing views get into discussion about it. One only needs to look at Facebook to see how angry some of those arguing, have become!

I have to commend The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Installers then, for doing what most of us have wanted to do, by asking people in the industry what they think.

iKBBI members have come down squarely on the Brexit side as you’ll see from the report below – but of course that’s probably not surprising, since it’s their trade that has been one of the hardest hit by an influx of competent and willing competition from other parts of the EU.

What has surprised me though is the response! 4,203 people felt strongly enough about the subject to make their views known and 93% of these said they will be voting, which perhaps shows just how high feelings are running. And while the majority of these were installers, other parts of the industry were also represented in the results.

Backing up what I said at the beginning, 87% said they were not in a position to make an informed choice as they didn’t feel that they had the full facts.

This is where the Internet comes in and my advice to those who feel misinformed is to use the Internet to do as much research as possible. You’ll read some odd things I’m sure, but unless you’re aware of the full facts of the issue, you could end up letting down an awful lot of people…



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Jan Hobbs



15th April 2016

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