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28th January 2021


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Well – next time my daughter nags me to get a dishwasher I have a good excuse, don’t I? Instead of the usual, “We don’t have the space,” or the, “I don’t have the time or energy to choose one,” or even the, “I enjoy washing up – it’s the only time I get to daydream,” I can use: “I can’t – it will attract foxes!”

* fox-in-dishwasher.jpgDid you hear the one about the vet who went to put something in the dishwasher and found that there was no room, as a fox was in there? If you didn’t, here’s a picture of it, courtesy of just one of the many newspapers I read on line - the Daily Mail. You can just imagine the conversation at home… Wife: “Did you load the dishwasher darling?” Husband: “No sweetheart; there’s a fox in there!”.

At least it was in this country; in others there could well be a law suit looming because the manufacturer hadn’t designed in a safety feature that would prevent small animals (or children) from climbing inside.

The comments that followed the story, (always worth a read as they can be very witty) alerted me to the fact that many householders leave their dishwasher doors slightly open to prevent a build-up of moisture inside. As a non-dishwasher owner (I really must get one!) that hadn’t occurred to me.

Just before I go, the KBSA emailed this week to say that the deadline for the 2016 Designer Awards submissions has been extended until today, so I’m assuming that if you plan to enter and haven’t already done so, you still have time as long as you make it quick!

Entry forms are at:



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Jan Hobbs



10th June 2016

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