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28th January 2021


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This time next week it will all be over… and although with voter turnout expected to be high we’re unlikely to be 100% sure of the outcome, we’ll no longer be able to influence whether we ‘Bremain’ or ‘Brexit’. Conversations around the dinner table, in the pub or office will return to normal; Facebook users will revert to posting inspirational pictures and words or videos of cute animals, rather than a Britain Stronger in Europe or Vote Leave flag, with what has often been some wildly inaccurate propaganda beneath it.

But it’s been fun, hasn’t it?

Two months ago the Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Installers sent me the results of its Brexit poll which revealed that 82% of the 4,203 members who responded to its poll, would vote to leave the EU.

Now it’s the turn of the manufacturers, who are also heading towards the Brexit door – although I have to point out that this isn’t an industry-specific group and the figures aren’t quite as dramatic.

This survey, in which 900 UK manufacturing companies were asked whether they think they are better served by the UK remaining in the EU, has revealed that the industry is largely divided. Some 55% said they think the UK should go it alone compared to 45% who think the UK is better off in the EU. However, 14% admitted that they could still be persuaded to change their mind.

Chris Griffin of Manufacturing Futures – which carried out the survey, says: “Manufacturing is a key sector in the referendum debate because so many UK companies trade in the EU and rely on being able to export freely.  The UK still ranks as the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world and, although many businesses have concerns, we are surprised the results of this poll are so close with the referendum fast approaching.

“The number of people who could still change their minds could determine the outcome.  The remaining campaigning, from both sides, will be crucial in deciding the UK’s future.”  

It’s not just the UK’s future that will be decided thought, will it, since any decision we make is going to have one heck of a ripple effect!

With so many of our kitchens, bathrooms and appliances made overseas, I wonder how a potential Brexit will impact on our industry.

Positive? Negative? Or indifferent? Do let me know what you think… 



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Jan Hobbs



17th June 2016

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