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28th January 2021


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I don’t tend to mention companies in these leaders but feel I’m on a mission today…

My daughter has moved into a lovely new flat with a beautifully fitted out kitchen that is missing one thing: a microwave. And although there wasn’t much room for one, we consider them a necessity.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “I’ll contact Whirlpool and buy you a new Max.”

I have a Max at home. As well as being a great little microwave, it’s a real talking point with newcomers to my kitchen who ask: “What on earth’s that?”. I then go into demo mode, showing off the functions and how it glows either red, blue, green or silver, depending upon which function is used. It plays jingles too!

What makes it really special though, is its shape. Talk about inspired thinking! It’s rounded at the back, so it snuggles into a corner, facing outwards across the room and enabling users to remove hot dishes from head on, rather than forcing them to lean across the worktop and sometimes around the open door, which is awkward and can cause burns… genius!

I was dismayed to learn that Whirlpool has stopped making the Max. Companies are spending thousands of pounds on research to tweak their products above the competition’s offerings, yet rarely do I find something so stand-out brilliant as the Max microwave – now discontinued! I’m starting a campaign, which I think that if you’re a Max owner you’ll readily support, to ‘Bring back the Max’? Will you join me?

Another Whirlpool initiative, which I love, is its instigation of a ‘National Quiet Day’, taking place next Wednesday (see more below).

I have to say, it’s not household appliances that drive me nuts with their noise, but noisy people; I abhor unnecessary loudness… having to listen to shouty conversations from those who have no dignity when it comes to sharing their intimate secrets with strangers, who are forced to listen whether they want to or not. They’re not on stage, after all! What is it with people these days?

I’m hoping Whirlpool can, over time, expand its National Quiet Day’ to include quietness in general – every day, and that by drawing attention to the need for us all to have peace and quiet in our lives, the quietness will become the norm rather than requiring a special day for its celebration…



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Jan Hobbs



9th September 2016

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