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28th January 2021


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Happy Black Friday to you!

I can't quite make up my mind whether this buying extravaganza is something retailers love or dread...

Yes - in terms of sales, it can make a huge difference to the end of year figures, but in terms of logistics and actually being able to safely handle hordes of rampaging buyers - and then deliver purchases, to schedule, with extra pre-Christmas traffic on the roads... well it must be an absolute nightmare! And what about returns? Are Black Friday deals returnable, simply because people may have changed their minds?

This last point occurred to me over the past few days, in my quest to find the biggest capacity fridge freezer I can fit into the space, before my daughter moves back home to start a new job in January. Although we're not caught up in Black Friday panic, we are now in a bit of a hurry. We've been looking for - literally - months, and every time we think we've found something, we get distracted by other pressures and then have to start our search again.

Earlier this week I thought I'd found just what we needed... a small American-style unit offering huge capacity. Both daughters said it wasn't a good idea since it's a brand we've had twice previously, that leave puddles over the fridge floor, which wet our feet when we pull out the hydrator. I'd made up my mind though, since having measured the space, there was room for the appliance with extra to spare. Then it occurred to me... we need to be able to open the doors! In my search, it's been frustrating that net capacities aren't always prominently displayed on websites (and believe me - I've visited a lot, from manufacturer to retailer to on-line seller!) although these are one of the most important considerations in terms of buying decisions.

Ao.com has to be congratulated on its website, since the blurb beside the pic, tells you how many bags of shopping each will hold, making comparison easy. It was only during my 'lightbulb moment' about the need for space to open appliance doors that I realised that even ao.com is missing a trick. I wonder how many Black Friday shoppers will be wanting to return their bargains, having found when they get them home that they're not actually fit for purpose, since the doors can't be opened... A logistical nightmare indeed!



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Jan Hobbs



25th November 2016

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