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28th January 2021


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I know people say you shouldn't do it as it prevents you from getting off to sleep, but I tend to do it anyway as I find it helps me relax while I'm warming up the bed so when I do shut down, I'm warm and cosy and ready for sleep and can avoid those minutes of shivering a little (which can sometimes drag you right out of sleep mode).

Yes - be on the laptop or similar, in bed!

If one of the various MasterChef offerings isn't on - which much as I love them, tend to send me to sleep, leaving me to wake up with a start later, with the laptop on my middle - I tend to flick through online newspapers and click through to some obscure articles that I'd never normally read. I do come across some weird stuff and if there is a 'comment' section and the subject matter is of interest, I tend to read those too. This is where the damage can be done because if they're political I can end up feeling cross and wanting to respond. 

Sometimes though they're incredibly funny, and I end up in fits of loud giggles and probably cost the neighbours their sleep too.

Recently, I stumbled across a Daily Mail story about how Prince Charles is suggesting we have two bins in our bathrooms to encourage recycling, since currently only 50% of bathroom material is recycled, compared with 90% of kitchen items.

It's not hard to work out why, is it, and I doubt it has much to do with the number of bins we have! Even when my two girls lived at home, a bottle of shampoo or shower gel would last about six months (since we each have our own) and apart from the toilet roll cores there isn't anything recyclable, is there?

Most of the commenters (I didn't read all 400) said, that like me, they have tiny bathrooms and simply take spent bottles/cardboard cores down to the kitchen recycling bins when they go, rather than put them into the bathroom bin with all the 'nasties', for sorting later. It got me wondering whether there's a call amongst consumers for proper sanitary bins for private homes, from those who are blessed with larger bathrooms, or indeed whether any manufacturers make a dual bin which enables people to recycle immediately, that I could publicise?



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Jan Hobbs



10th March 2017

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