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28th January 2021


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Grohe launches new water security system for the home

* Grohe-water-control.jpgGrohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard are Grohe's latest intelligent solutions for the smart home. The Sense smart water sensor monitors humidity, detects leaks and alerts homeowners instantly in case of a problem, while the Sense Guard is installed in the main water pipe and can switch off the water supply in case of a burst pipe. Both use ground-breaking smart technology, allowing them to be monitored and controlled using the new Grohe Ondus App.

These products have been created to address the issue of water damage in households as an underestimated risk as a survey conducted by Grohe earlier this year shows. Half of households in Europe have experienced water damage at least once - this is much more than participants suspected.

As a report by the German Insurance Association has shown previously, 93% of the cases could have been prevented.

As Grohe always wants to ensure that customers can enjoy their water experience, developing intelligent devices to monitor and prevent water damage incidents has been a natural next step in product innovation.

Grohe Sense is a smart water sensor. Easily placed on the floor, it detects flooding and tracks room temperature and humidity. Multiple devices across different rooms in the house can be used to notify the home owner of any issues instantly so the home-owner has the time to react.

Grohe Sense Guard is a smart water controller, which detects frost risk, micro leakages and pipe breaks. It is installed in the central water pipe of the house by a professional installer and enables the water supply to be turned off automatically in case of a burst pipe. Even leaving a tap open will not remain unnoticed anymore!

The innovative water security system is based on industry standard wireless LAN technology, controlled through the Grohe Ondus App - the centerpiece of the Grohe Sense system. It offers the highest level of water safety, allowing to continually monitor and control Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard - whenever and wherever. The users receive alerts when there is a water issue at home and can shut off their water supply with the app and Grohe Sense Guard to prevent major damage. Additionally, the app has a feature that allows users to track their domestic water consumption.

"Our aim is to be a source of enjoyment," explains Michael Rauterkus, CEO Grohe AG.

"Mains-related water damage is the most frequent damage in the house. When water damage occurs, you want things fixed right away, but it can take weeks if not months before everything is repaired. Therefore, prevention is the best remedy."


24th March 2017

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