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28th January 2021


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Aquavision introduces the Tailored Collection

* AQUAVISION-main.jpgAquavision has announced its new Tailored Collection - off-the-shelf MirrorVision+ televisions from the Bespoke Range. An invisible television in a perfectly reflective mirror, it will be highly desirable to designers, architects and home owners. The developers at Aquavision have taken the three most popular sizes of MirrorVision+ glass from the Bespoke range that have been requested over the last three years and made them available in this collection.

A 16in or 22in LCD Aquavision television is hidden behind the patented glass that achieves a perfect balance between the conventional, 100% reflective 'silver' mirror and the minimally reflective glass normally required for television viewing. There are absolutely no visible signs of the television when it is turned off and it displays a clear, bright picture when it is switched on. It even works in high ambient light environments.


As with all Aquavision televisions, they are fully waterproof to IP66 and are manufactured with forward projection heated screens to avoid misting up, enabling them to be installed in bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. These televisions are however, frequently finding their way into living rooms, kitchens and other areas of the house due to their sleek and innovative design.

Customers can choose which Aquavision television module is hidden behind the mirror. This can be from the entry level Genesis, to the sophisticated Pinnacle featuring discrete IR commands and RS232 along with Android KitKat Smart TV. They can even choose the latest IP Controlled Nexus+ television that was launched just last month.

The MirrorVision+ glass comes in three sizes 833mm x 550mm, 1028mm x 670mm or 1300mm x 815mm - these can be portrait or landscape. Aquavision developed its MirrorVision+ glass as it is not possible to view a television image through a standard, full-chromed mirror.

When the television is switched off, the whole surface area of the glass has the same mirror appearance and there is absolutely no sign of the television beneath. When the television is switched on, the area in front of the screen becomes opaque. The Aquavision television is attached to the glass using a mounting bezel bonded to the back of the glass.

"We've been manufacturing televisions to go behind large bespoke mirrors, tailoring to customer's specifications for a while now," explains Alastair Benn, Aquavision's managing director. "We noticed there was a pattern and consistency in the size of glass that was being ordered and applied the '80/20 Rule' i.e. 20% of orders from our tailor-made range were in fact 80% of the total.

"It made absolute sense - to manufacture these sizes on a larger scale to allow us to offer them from stock. The added benefit to our customers is that we are now able to bring down the manufacturing cost and pass this saving on to them."


17th March 2017

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