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28th January 2021


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It's funny, isn't it? We work in the KBB industry but unless we're involved in a makeover or are removing an old appliance/ripping out an unwanted bathroom or kitchen, we always picture everything as being in perfect condition.

Our industry spends a fortune on designing new appliances, fixtures, fittings and furniture, before spending a further fortune promoting and then selling them, yet rarely, I should imagine, do we wonder how these wonderful new things will look several months down the line when they'll have been knocked about a bit - or if it's an item that's in contact with water, covered in limescale.

Do you ever imagine these products when they're not in 'as new' condition? Do you advise customers on how to properly care for their new purchases, and talk to them about cleaning and the best methods and products to use... and what to avoid?

Apparently, we Brits aren't cleaning our bathrooms as often, or as thoroughly as we should; making ourselves vulnerable to some nasty bugs...

Recent research by Showerstoyou.co.uk of 1,200 UK residents, found that while we spend six months of our lives using the bathroom and a further four and a half months cleaning it, we're not cleaning it that well.

"We've seen some awful bathrooms," reveals Showerstoyou.co.uk's, Martin Smith. "Mould on the walls, floors and shower curtain, as well as on shower heads which have never been properly cleaned... people underestimate how much cleaning the bathroom requires. They do the toilet, floor, bath tub and basin but forget all the other bits and pieces which collect dirt and where bacteria can thrive."

Tests have shown that the average bathroom contains 764 bacteria/square inch and that 27% of tap handles have Caliform - a potentially harmful bacteria. Shower heads can host 29 varieties of microbes. The fact that these areas are moist and warm means they offer the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. And when water passes through, they blast bugs onto our faces and bodies (keep your mouth closed next time you shower!) Only 22% of those surveyed clean their shower head regularly - 48% never clean it at all. Of the toothbrush holders tested, 27% had coliforms, 64% had mould and 14% had Staphylococcus. Just 15% of survey respondents reported cleaning their toothbrush holder regularly, and 32% admitted to never cleaning it at all.

Relaxing haven or hotbed of germs? What type of bathroom do you have?



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Jan Hobbs



19th May 2017

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