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28th January 2021


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While I support some of the laws and initiatives foisted upon us by our EU masters, there are others that make me very angry... 

In this week's news we cover the results of an EU survey, which show that the majority of Europeans support 'pay as you go' driving.

On first thoughts this seems a fair way of doing things - after all at the moment, those who rarely use a car but need one for, say, taking an elderly parent to the supermarket or hospital once a week during quiet times, are paying the same road tax as those who drive during the rush hour and clock up 2000 miles a week on business. There's a big difference between the two when it comes to increasing pollution and noise and taking the life out of our roads.

But then it occurred to me. How are they going to know how many miles we're driving and at what hours? That's right - we'll be tracked. And how long will it be before the technology is used to see when we're exceeding speed limits and automatically issue speeding tickets as a result? I don't know anyone who supports the use of those ugly speed cameras that blight our landscape but at least they give us a fighting chance of avoiding a fine!

The EU is concerned that any new tax structure will need to cover falling revenues as people are driving less each year, so it's likely to be expensive. This means businesses are going to suffer and a large chunk of the money raised will be spent on keeping our EU masters in caviar and champagne.

Now for the 'very angry' part... I've just received my car insurance renewal and the sum I'm being asked to pay for the next year's cover has risen from around £400 to over £1,000. Luckily it was an error on the part of my insurer (although my premium has increased by about £60, despite having the same car and a no claims bonus that stretches back to when I started driving) but sadly this is a sign of things to come.

Yes - safe women drivers like myself, who've never had an accident (or caused one!) and who present virtually zero risk to insurers, are now going to have to pay far higher premiums to compensate for the heavy losses caused by those most liable to have an accident - the boy racers. And this because of gender equality legislation imposed by the EU which we've allowed to become UK law!

I'm going to be heavily penalised year in, year out as a result. And even if I weren't female, I'd be thinking the same... This is stupidity personified and totally illogical. The insurance industry is based on risk. It always has been and it always should be. We're all going to suffer because of this ridiculous and irrational change.

Idiots - all of them!




Jan Hobbs


1st April 2011

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