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28th January 2021


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Had to have a chuckle at the findings of the recent survey by Samsung Electronics (www.samsung.com/uk)...  Having surveyed 2,000 men and women in the UK, the company has revealed the UK's most annoying domestic habits - the top three being:

1) Food left in the fridge: 83% of people get frustrated when rotten & out of date food is left festering in the fridge
2) Messy kitchens: 81% said that the kitchen being left in a mess causes them stress
3) Not closing the fridge: 72% hate it when someone leaves the fridge door open, causing all the food to get warm...

My top one is getting up in the morning to find that the grill or oven (and sometimes both) has been left on all night - something I experienced many years ago when sharing with someone who would occasionally came home late at night, a little worse for wear. 

It didn't cause too much of a problem other than a higher gas bill than normal but I'm grateful that the pizza left in the oven at maximum temperature on one occasion didn't burn and perhaps ignite (if that's possible?) because the door had been left open too. My other grouse is the freezer door being left open, as this normally means endless rounds of batch cooking of food I'd not wanted to cook just yet and a defrost and clean out job I'd not scheduled into my day.

The fridge freezer my mother's just purchased has an alarm which beeps when the fridge door has been open for rather too long; I find it odd that the freezer part doesn't have a similar alarm too, which to me would be far more useful, if it's a case of 'either/or'.

Samsung's survey also highlighted the number one kitchen necessity as the fridge, with 41% saying they couldn't live without it. This was followed by the washing machine (21%), with the kettle and oven tying at 16%. The washing machine rated more highly - quite understandably in my book - with women (30%) than with men (11%). The kettle was the biggest hit amongst the older 65+ age group - it must be all those cups of tea... 



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Jan Hobbs



6th October 2017

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