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28th January 2021


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I almost didn't click on the link to the full article but curiosity soon got the better of me... And the first thought that popped into my head as I read was: "Why?" If you don't know what I'm talking about, a group of youths wasted the West Midlands Fire Service's already stretched resources, calling them to the rescue when a stupid Internet prank went wrong... Whatever or whoever persuaded one of the men to cement his head inside a microwave oven using seven bags of Polyfilla, I just don't know.

And having spent an hour and a half trying to free their daft friend, all the group managed to do was feed an air tube into his mouth so he could breathe. Apparently, it took the firefighters an hour to free him from the appliance. I expect that some of them would have liked to leave him in there for a few days...

Talking of microwave ovens, my beloved Max (the one with the curved back, which sits tucked away in the corner of my kitchen and is the best kitchen appliance I've ever had) is broken. I'm hoping that it can be repaired but I've checked the Internet just in case, to see if it will be easy to get a replacement. I'm disappointed...

I don't want black and I don't particularly want silver! Whirlpool, which supplied my Max, was truly inspired when it designed these little masterpieces. As well as the brilliant shape which meant that despite accommodating a full-sized dinner plate, they could fit into the smallest of spaces, the appliances were offered with different functions and glowed with different coloured lights depending upon which function was in operation at any given time. They also played tunes, so users knew if something needed turning, stirring, or whether whatever was inside, was 'done'. Max microwaves used to come in a choice of colours, to suit the environment they were about to grace. They looked fabulous! I can still buy a kettle, toaster of cooker in bright or pastel colours, so why not the Max?

It's Christmas... the time of year that we're encouraged to ask for things we'd like. So - Come on Whirpool/Hotpoint... please go back to manufacturing the Max in different colours, for those who, like me, like to have a bit of colour in their lives... If you do, I'll happily publicise them in a sensible way...



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Jan Hobbs



8th December 2017

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