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28th January 2021


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I suppose it was only a matter of time, wasn't it, before a 'hit list' was produced of refrigeration products deemed to be less than 100% safe... although I must say, I was surprised at how long the list - published by 'Which?' this week - actually is.

Many years ago, I found myself living without a fridge freezer for a few months over the start of the year and although I managed well in the early weeks by keeping everything in storage boxes on a table outside the back door, life became harder as the weather grew warmer. I think it was the discovery that a snail had managed to slime its way into one of the boxes and chomp off my jar labels, which persuaded me that I had to end the experiment, and I can say with hand on heart that it's not an exercise I'm keen to repeat.

I'm wondering whether householders who are extra-sensitive and may now be unnecessarily worried about their appliances catching fire, will end up trying to (or having to) go without for a while until they can buy a replacement product. After all, many people aren't in the position to be able to afford to buy an appliance without having saved up for one and many of these won't be able to resort to using credit either.

I also wonder whether the news will mean prices of appliances not featuring on the list will rise, because consumers will be panic buying items from these brands - and if there's too much of a spike in demand it may mean that the retailers will be unable to supply to order. Then of course, some manufacturers will see all this as an opportunity to increase market share by lowering prices to attract new customers who may become loyal repeat buyers of the brand, or perhaps offering deals which include colour-matched toasters, kettles, coffee-makers etc. as a way to grab the business.

I can see some great marketing opportunities here - and am surprised not to have received press releases from companies not on the list, taking advantage of the situation, or those who are on the list, attempting to allay any fears that their products might be unsafe. AMDEA - the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, has accused Which? Of scaremongering. You can read its statement below...




Jan Hobbs



5th April 2018

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