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28th January 2021


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Hoover launches integrated heat pump tumble dryer

* Hoover-integrated.jpgHoover has launched a fully integrated 7Kg heat pump tumble dryer - claimed to be a market first by the domestic appliance manufacturer.

Launching this month with an A+ energy rating and 7kg capacity, the Hoover HBTDW H7A1TCE is also wi-fi connected, enabling users to have remote control of the machine through the Hoover Wizard app. This provides them with the ability to check health diagnostics, monitor energy consumption and even download more than 20 additional programmes.

Heat pump models are more efficient than conventional dryers, temperatures are 30% lower and they use 50% less energy, which not only saves money but helps take care of the clothes, keeping them in a good condition for longer.

Unlike conventional tumble dryers which expel the hot air used to dry the clothes, heat pump technology cleverly conserves and reuses it. During the drying process, hot air circulating inside the drum absorbs moisture from the clothes. The air travels through the evaporator, which extracts the moisture. In Hoover models, this moisture is then transferred to the in-door Aquavision water collection system for easy emptying.

With Active Sensor Drying technology, the tumble dryer has 15 automatic cycles, including cottons, jeans, anti-allergy, XXL and Woolmark. It is also armed with Hoover's 'All-in-One' programme, which dries mixed colours and fabrics together and notifies users when lighter materials are ready.

A key feature of the machine is its AquaVision technology - an innovative water collection system that sits in the large (35cm) porthole door, allowing quick and easy access when it's time to empty the canister. The door is also positioned higher on the appliance, so less bending is required for loading and unloading. Furthermore, when it's time to clean the condenser filter, which should be done after every cycle, it can be accessed easily as the kickplate can be fixed to a plinth.

"We're thrilled to be the first manufacturer to launch a product that will provide a viable and energy-efficient alternative to integrated vented models," enthuses Daniel Dewey, product manager, built-in appliances, Hoover Candy UK.

"Not only is it innovative, but it's also loaded with plenty of technology that will also care for the contents, which could be anything from a cotton shirt to a teddy bear.

"We know that the majority (60%) of people wash and dry different fabrics together, so this machine has been developed to lighten the load for the user, including detecting when certain fabrics are dry and notifying when they need extracting.

"Up until now, the only option for integrated tumble dryers has been vented models, which have to be sited by an external wall or open window. The Hoover HBTDW H7A1TCE provides a solution for apartment dwellers or people with a restrictive room layout who require an energy-efficient tumble dryer."

The Hoover integrated heat pump tumble dryer will be available in white with a chrome door ring, providing a stylish addition to any home.


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