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28th January 2021


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Remember: toilet provision is mandatory for delivery drivers

* TT-UK.jpgWith the very hot, dry weather many of us are experiencing at the moment, which means we're taking on extra fluids to cool us down and provide hydration, Gillian Kemp, leader of the 'Truckers Toilets UK Campaign', has a timely reminder for lorry and van drivers:

"Don't forget to let the Health & Safety Executive know if you are refused access to a toilet when you are delivering to a
company or making a collection!"

Gillian suggests keeping keep a copy of the HSE statement 'Workplace health, safety & welfare. Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992. Approved Code of Practice and guidance'
to hand (www.hse.gov.uk). Further, she says that the HSE WILL take action against any companies flouting the rules, so if the boot is on the other foot and you are accepting delivery of goods and the driver or delivery team needs to use the bathroom, you have to provide access.

Gillian says that the HSE did step in when a driver reported that he had been refused access to a toilet at a shipping company, which argued that it did not have to provide toilet access for the first two hours on site!

On this occasion, it seems that there was a portable toilet on site for drivers but it was not functioning. The HSE guidance states that 'temporary toilets should only be provided as a short- term measure for visiting drivers while permanent ones are constructed'. Apparently, the introduction of temporary toilets in this instance was due to misuse.

"Drivers, don't hesitate to speak out!" challenges Gillian. "Companies that do this are putting you - and other road users - in danger at worst and at best, a possible fine for you if you are caught relieving yourself at the roadside!"

Gillian believes more should be done to make companies need aware that 'holding on' can affect concentration and by not allowing visiting drivers use of their toilets, companies are contributing towards making drivers unsafe on the roads.


29th June 2018

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