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28th January 2021


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I'm not normally one who brings politics into the workplace but I feel that events this week warrant a comment, with this industry being one of a handful I can think of, that's probably holding its collective breath over the Brexit white paper shenanigans, with so many of the products involved being made in different countries.

I'm not a fan of much of what's gone on in the heads of the EU decision-makers over the decades I've seen things unfold (I can remember, having learnt of the issues as a schoolgirl, asking my father how he was going to vote in that first referendum and him telling me that we were "too small" to be successful on our own in the future - but the world and the way it does business, has changed so much since then, hasn't it?).

There are things I do like though and amongst these are the EU's high standards regarding animal welfare and the environment and the fact that I can buy products I know are manufactured to a consistent high standard (I'm not including lightbulbs in this group). I also like the way we often work together for everyone's benefit and for the good of the planet - for example the European Bathroom Forum's voluntary agreement on adopting a single labelling scheme (see more below) which will give tardy manufacturers something to strive for and consumers knowledge when it comes to making decisions about the environmental-friendliness of appliances etc.

As someone who doesn't eat meat, I like the idea that EU meat is safer to eat than some other meats; while as a consumer, I'm taken with the idea that goods are made to a decent, universal standard - but may be more expensive as a result. I'm also well aware that we need younger people in the country, to help pay our pensions with their taxes - but mindful of the dearth of young workers this leaves the older ones to contend with back home, which somehow doesn't seem fair.

I'd really love to know what your thoughts are on this and if you've an opinion you'd like to share with KBzine's readers but are not keen on having your name 'in lights', I'll happily run any comments as anonymous contributions and not divulge your details to anyone. You can trust me - I'm a journalist!

What do you reckon? White paper deal or no deal?




Jan Hobbs



13th July 2018

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