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28th January 2021


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I know that just a few of KBzine's readers are involved in full-scale construction work but I'm running a piece today aimed at construction safety in excessive heat, since it made me wonder how on earth people are managing to cope - whatever their job involves.

I read somewhere that very high temperatures - while not exactly frying the brain - damage its function to the extent that we find it hard to focus and simple functions create a real drain on our energy. I get that, having struggled myself to complete last week's KBzine to the standard I'd like. It took so long and I felt exhausted by the end. This week hasn't been much better.

I care for my elderly mother who luckily, lives locally. Last week she was on antibiotic eyedrops that needed administering six times a day. What I found so wearing was not just having to stick to schedule, but the need to keep closing the windows and then getting into what felt like an oven when I returned to my car.

How on earth do delivery drivers cope, for even with air conditioning, they experience what I did in reverse - emerging from a cold cab into baking sunshine, before having to unload the delivery and carry what may be an awkward, heavy load into a building and potentially upstairs too.

While I was complaining about whizzing just a few minutes along local roads without traffic, those whose job it is to deliver to households or businesses have to fit in loads of calls and probably spend much of the time sat in traffic.

Those having to commute haven't had it easy, either, with melting road surfaces and train tracks. And once in the workplace there's smelly, noisy air conditioning to cope with or excessive heat and sweaty colleagues, who may be grumpy because they're hot too. This weather makes us lethargic or even sleepy, yet we still have our deadlines and I can imagine how easy it is for those with a tight schedule (unlike me who works from home and can go more slowly and work into the night) to cut corners and jeopardise their safety and that of others. The article I mentioned earlier talks about the need to behave differently in this heat, if we want to remain safe, so is worth reading.

Hate the heat? Don't worry - we'll soon be complaining about the rain, ice and snow!




Jan Hobbs



3rd August 2018

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