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28th January 2021


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The Summer holidays are once again here and I'm relieved to say that this will be the last issue of KBzine until 7th September. Not that I don't love producing KBzine and sister publication Cleanzine; it's just that with two issues to broadcast every week from early January, I'm worn out by August!

I never stray far from my roots though and am naturally always on the lookout for a good story. At last weekend's festival I attended an enthralling presentation by explorer Mark Wood - amongst many incredible achievements, the only man to have completed back-to-back solo treks to the South Geographic Pole and a 200-mile crossing of the Arctic ocean to the Geographic North Pole. And when I say solo that means no dogs and no back-up whatsoever (https://vimeo.com/46217790). He also supported the BBC Top Gear team to the Magnetic North Pole. I won't share his response when he was asked which was worse... trekking in 'solitary confinement' or trekking with Jeremy Clarkson. Nor will I share how he goes to the toilet in such extreme conditions...

Mark's raising money to fund a second attempt to climb Everest next year - he abandoned his first with less than 200 metres to go, when he realised that unless he did, his lead climber would die. "There were only four of us and the rear climber had already baled," he said. "Having served in an armed forces recovery unit I've seen death many times. Looking up I could see the head torches of climbers reaching the summit and for a split-second I wondered what was more important - sticking a flag into Everest's summit or a saving a life. The other climber and I got our friend down the mountain safely and he survived." If you're wanting to get your name in lights, Mark's looking for sponsors and his expedition is being Skyped live to more than 1 million schoolchildren all over the world - creating the most extreme classroom on Earth. Advertising in KBzine offers pretty good value too and John Austen will happily take your call...

As well as inspiring young people, Mark wants to draw attention to our changing world and the melting ice caps (some of his videos are pretty graphic). Whether it's down to global warming or the natural rhythm of the Earth, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a way to distribute all this water to where it's needed most.




Jan Hobbs



17th August 2018

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