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28th January 2021


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Well I've not received any press releases about it, but several friends who know I'm involved in the KBB sector have asked me what I know - and although I thought at first that they must be joking, I can see it's all over the Internet... Have you heard about Refridgerdating?

Amongst many other wonderful things, Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator allows you to monitor the contents of your refrigerator via your smartphone: great for planning what to cook the family while you're waiting in the rain for your delayed train, or even for deciding what top-up shopping you need to do at your local shops while on your way home.

The Refridgerdating app takes it to a whole new level though by enabling you to take pictures of what's on your fridge shelves and then share it to your profile on the social media platform. It then works much like Tinder, with those searching for a partner able to swipe right or left when they see your fridge picture, with the decision based on the contents of what they think might be your food preferences.

While Samsung hopes the app will beautifully match singletons based on what's inside their fridges, I can see all kinds of issues here... Going on the contents of my own fridge, it can sometimes look as if we're healthy eating fanatics whereas other times you'd think we were a family of heavy drinkers. A leftover Indian takeaway might lead someone to think that this is all we live on; shopping I buy for my mother and store until I visit, might make people think we're meat eaters at home, when we're not.

And then you have the issue of - much as you can find with dating app users who aren't strictly honest with their profile info and who perhaps also Photoshop their images - the prospect of people stocking their fridges with foodstuffs they wouldn't normally dream of eating (or removing all the cans of beer), just to attract the sort of mate they're looking for. Can you imagine how this could turn out? And what about households where fridge space is shared, with each housemate or family member having their own shelf?

I love many of the apps we're offered these days but am really not sure about this one... Are you?


Jan Hobbs



8th February 2019

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