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28th January 2021


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Miele's new G7000 dishwashers have automatic detergent dispensing systems

* Miele-G7000.jpgMeile's new G7000 dishwashers offer a revolutionary automatic detergent dispensing system. Using Miele AutoDos with PowerDisk technology, the new models take cleaning flexibility to even greater heights. Users can also turn their machine on and off remotely at a pre-set time, thanks to the Miele@mobile app.

The PowerDisk, which is inserted in the inside of the dishwasher door panel, contains 400g of Miele's all-in-one granular detergent. This is automatically dispensed via the AutoDos function depending on the selected cleaning programme, or when used with the Automatic programme, the degree of soiling.

Offering silver and glass protection, Miele's all-in-one granular detergent also contains components for the final rinse and salt functions. Offering one month's cleaning on average, the granules in the PowerDisk will last for 20 washes when used with the ECO programme with no need for the user to manually add detergent. Customers who would prefer to continue to use their detergents/tablets can do so by deactivating automatic dispensing on the dishwasher display.

The dishwashers also benefit from networking capabilities. Simply selecting the WLAN symbol on the sensor control panel, will activate the WiFiConn@ct function, allowing the dishwasher to be operated by either a smartphone and the Miele@mobile app, or voice control via Amazon's Alexa. The app also allows owners to check the status of the appliance when out of the house, turn it on and off as well as order new PowerDisks.

In combination with the AutoDos feature and pre-loaded PowerDisk, the G7000 dishwasher can be programmed via the app to start independent cleaning (AutoStart) at a pre-set time. Users can select the cleaning days, programmes, options, start or end time through AutoStart which can then be reviewed as a full week. Notification reminders can also be requested, which will tell customers that a cleaning cycle is due to start allowing additional items to be added to the dishwasher if required. If the dishwasher door is not opened between two scheduled cleaning cycles, the start of the next wash is delayed as the dishwasher recognises that no dishes have been unloaded.

The new collection is also extremely quiet with noise levels ranging from 42-44dB, with select machines providing an ExtraQuiet option, reducing the level down even further to 38dB, making them ideal for open plan living or running overnight.

With an A+++ -10% energy rating, this fully integrated model also benefits from a complete interior update with a new 3D MultiFlex tray and FlexLine baskets which offer useful flexibility.


3rd May 2019

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