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28th January 2021


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As you’re reading KBzine I can probably safely assume that you’re one of the lucky ones who can access a decent toilet when you need to and wash your hands afterwards. Sadly, more than four billion people aren’t as lucky and have to put up with the most appalling unsanitary conditions, with some not only unable to use a toilet but also having to source drinking water from a contaminated supply. I was about to say that it doesn’t bear thinking about, but of course it does and on November 19th each year - World Toilet Day - we do tend to think of those whose needs aren’t being met.

There’s a story below about how Saniflo is helping kit out refrigerated trucks that are no longer used for transport, with bathroom facilities so that they can be used to accommodate the homeless. That’s a wonderful gesture and I’m hoping that many more companies will use their resources in future to help those in need lead more comfortable lives. Not that I’m advocating the use of trucks as homes, of course… we really should be doing better, shouldn’t we?

Did you hear about the young girl who was hospitalised with constipation after her school removed the toilet tissue from the cubicles? Pupils were told to guess how much they might need and take just that amount with them into the cubicle, from the dispenser in the main washroom area. This left them too afraid to go to the toilet in case they ran out of tissue and – I understand – caused soiling problems amongst some. It reminded me of my early skiing trips to Eastern Europe when toilet attendants would hand out a few sheets for a small charge to those entering the washroom, which was pretty degrading for those of us not used to the concept… But we always had our own stash anyway - as, no doubt, will the pupils at this particular school before long. The headteacher has defended the move, saying it was to prevent blockages. I think it’s going to have the opposite effect and that the school will discover fairly early on that this type of controlled usage will create greater waste and more blockages, as children take more sheets than they need, ‘just in case. Then of course there’s the wasted water as they try to flush it all away. Sometimes people don’t think things through, do they?


Jan Hobbs



25th November 2019

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