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28th January 2021


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Go clever in the kitchen with Blanco's Smart Tap Collection

Blanco-clever.jpgBlanco UK is entering a new era with its innovative range of kitchen Smart Taps which is geared towards highly specific uses within the kitchen; each is designed to solve an everyday problem.

Another impressive innovation in Blanco's new Smart Tap Collection is the Blanco Fontas-S II Filter (pictured left). An integrated BWT multi-stage filter purifies the water, reduces limescale and heavy metal content and, thus, enhances the taste. Blanco filter systems provide three options - warm, cold and filtered cold water - in this multi-functional tap.

The Fontas -S II Filter is notable for its pull-out spout. This spout allows flexible use around the sink, making it easy to fill household appliances. It is thought to be unique to the market because of its separate nozzles and two pipes within the spout - keeping the flitered water perfectly pure from the first drop to the last.

There are two separate control levers; one for cold and warm water on the right-hand side, while the control lever for filtered water is on the left-hand side. In addition, the high filtering capacity extends the usage intervals while the filter cartridges do not have to be changed as often, which in turn saves money.

The multi-stage filter from BWT purifies the water from the pipe several times, getting rid of minute particles that affect the taste. The integrated activated carbon filter reduces the chlorine content, giving the water an even better taste. In addition, the high-performance ion exchanger reduces any heavy metal content which would contaminate the drinking water. Lastly, the filter significantly reduces the water hardness which means less limescale in coffee machines, kettles and other kitchen appliances, which will extend their lifespan.

The Flowmeter is built into the water pipe for the filter and measures precisely how much water is actually flowing through the filter. Depending on the hardness of the water, the Flowmeter will show the filter's remaining capacity. If the filter needs to be changed, a signal will sound in good time.

Quite simply, the new 3-in-1 Tampera Hot (pictured centre) is all that is needed for instant, beautifully filtered, 100°C boiling water at the twist of a child-safe lever; from an ultra-safe, super-hygienic and taste-free, four-litre titanium boiler. Featuring an insulated spout, the Tampera Hot offers all the benefits in terms of time, energy and space of a hot tap; with no need for optional extras. Blanco has developed this ingenious tap to beat similar specification competitors in terms of price and quality, providing absolute peace of mind. In short, the Tampera Hot delivers cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap which oozes engineering quality.

The high-pressure boiler is made of titanium, not copper or stainless steel like many competitors, making the system more hygienic and ensuring the water is taste-free. The strong, top-grade titanium is corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the high pressures of a constant 105°C internal temperature so that all bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated before water is poured.

In addition, the quality of the water going in is maintained with a high-quality BWT five-stage filtration system that is fitted as standard. This purification process improves the water quality while protecting the performance of the whole system. The filter removes particles, heavy metals, and impurities that affect the taste of the water while reducing limescale, balancing the mineral content and softening the water before entering the boiler.

The system also includes a fool-proof digital Flowmeter which is a simple digital interface that displays the filter usage and audibly alerts the user when it is time to change the cartridge and also when the batteries need to be changed.

Safety-wise, the rotary control knob with a child-safe lock button must be pressed whilst simultaneously turning the knob to activate the flow of boiling water. The knob springs back to the off position as soon as it is released so the flow stops straight away and the controlled jet is chanelled through an aerator reduces spray.

Once registered, the Tampera Hot comes with a two-year guarantee and has a customer service, installation and after-sales team for absolute reassurance.

Blanco UK has redefined sensor technology to make life in the kitchen easier. The Solenta-S tap (pictured second from right) has a manual or hands-free Start-Stop mode. With a near field sensor detection located in the hose arm, unwanted activation is prevented.

Utilising a professional design, the stainless-steel product is elevated with a precise magnetic spray holder for user accessibility. Designed for convenience, the Solenta -S is available with the lever on either the left or right side making it a perfect match for user's preferences.

The Solenta-S is available in Chrome and Stainless finish UltraResist which is not only easy to clean but is also stain and wear resistant.

Blanco UK has also launched the clever Evol-S Volume smart tap, demonstrating another step towards sustainability and smart functionality. This revolutionary smart tap has an integrated measuring function with a precise rotary control to give users the exact amount of water they need. The specific volume is set with the scaling wheel while the measured amount is delivered via the intuitive touch sensor system. The standard mixer tap functions of temperature and flow are controlled by the lever on the opposite side.

The two-in-one design features a pull-out spray, a 180 degree swivelling spout and the innovative dial gives users the option of predefining the volume of cold water - from 100ml to five litres. A blue LED light lets the user know that the volume function is ready to use and, whilst in use, the light flashes. Available in stylish Chrome and Stainless Steel UltraResist finishes, the Evol-S is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

T: 01923 635 200
W: www.blanco.co.uk

25th November 2019

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