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28th January 2021


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BC Designs highlights the virtues of copper in fighting Covid-19

* BC-Southerndown.jpgLeading bath maker, BC Designs, has a piece of advice for retailers as the industry starts to reopen… A little-known fact that few people are aware of is that copper is actually a super metal when it comes to killing germs.

While most viruses can last for days on steel and glass, they are killed within hours or sometimes minutes on copper!

So, for those tasked with designing bathrooms for customers, copper baths and basins not only look stunning and bring a touch of luxury into the home, they also provide a really important function in helping the room to stay germ free.

* BC-Copper2.jpg"At a time when there is unprecedented demand for products that help fight Covid, retailers can now inform potential customers of the virtue properties of copper,” advises Barrie Cutchie, design & marketing director at BC Designs.

* BC-Darren.jpg"Knowing that copper kills bacteria and viruses within a short time frame, without any additional help from cleaning products will help to put a lot of people's minds at rest when it comes to making sure a high-traffic area such as a bathroom remains germ free.

“Combining this knowledge with a beautifully styled piece means people can combine functionality, safety and aesthetics into one beautiful piece.

"We have already started to see an unprecedented demand for our copper boat baths and new basins, and we expect demand to continue as people become more aware of the facts."

The copper boat bath by BC Designs is available in two sizes - 1500mm and 1700mm.

To find out more about the science behind copper as a germ killer, visit:



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