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28th January 2021


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Bright Medical responds to report on need for bathroom safety equipment

Bathroom-related injuries brought over 230,000 people into American emergency rooms in 2008, according to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

In response to the study, Bright Medical, a leading online marketplace for medical supplies and equipment, decided to expand its Bathroom Safety Equipment category to include over 100 different products, including grab bars and bathtub safety rails, designed to make the bathroom a safer place.

"The study indicates a daily average of over 600 people visiting an emergency room because of non-fatal, bathroom-related accidents," says Allison Riney, Marketing at Bright Medical. "As a responsible medical supply company, we feel it is our responsibility to at least educate the public. You do not have to remodel your entire bathroom to be safe.

"We are working on more ways of educating the public. Right now, we have an instructional blog on Bright Medical's web site, to highlight such issues as well as explain the benefits and functionalities of certain products.

"Something as simple as installing grab bars can help prevent these accidents."

According to the study, slips and falls, mostly while entering or leaving the shower or bathtub, caused the most bathroom-related injuries. These injuries account for more than 80% of all bathroom-related injuries. Cuts, scrapes and bruises make up about 30% of these injuries.

One of the best ways to increase the safety of a bathroom is to install grab bars. The study indicated older people were more likely to be injured on or around the toilet. Grab bars installed next to the toilet help to improve stability while a person transitions from the sitting to standing position. Grab bars can also be installed inside and outside of the bathtub or shower.

In addition to installing grab bars, there are many ways to improve shower or bathtub safety. Any person with a greater risk of falling or losing balance should have a shower bench or shower chair. For anyone with a mobility restriction, bathtub safety rails provide further security for entering and exiting a bathtub.

Bathroom Safety Equipment is not only for the elderly. The study found that people of all ages fell in the shower or bathtub, and that young people were more likely to sustain an injury in or around the shower or bathtub area.

Bright Medical is a leading online medical supply marketplace that carries what it says are the best name products at the best prices. Most Bright Medical orders are shipped within one business day and are carefully monitored until delivery.

Toll Free: 1-866-906-3668
F: 1-215-677-6198
E: [email protected]
W: www.BrightMedical.com

28th October 2011

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