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28th January 2021


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Women cook better living with a partner

* Amica-Inari-hob.jpgA woman's cooking ability improves dramatically after she moves in with her partner as she happily takes on the traditional female household role, a new study has shown. Research shows that three quarters of women not only cook more but are better at it than when they are single.

Nearly three quarters of women think they subconsciously adopt the role of a stereotypical housewife and 69% think that it's perfectly natural for women to want to cook for their partner.

More than a third admit they like the idea of being a housewife and providing for their partner and family while a similar amount say they don't think their man would be able to take care of himself without her around.

The research in to the cooking habits of 2,000 women was commissioned by Amica appliances to mark the release of its new range of ovens that clean themselves with just water.

Most women agreed that it was an 'instinctual' thing for them to want to cook for their partner and that as a result their kitchen repertoire has more than doubled since they moved in together.

"I think most women would be a bit shocked to see how readily and easily women are submitting to the traditional 50s housewife role but then again cooking isn't quite what it was in the 50s," says Deborah Risbridger from Amica. "Technology has moved on so much and the food available is so much more enjoyable and exotic, that cooking can actually be quite painless and perhaps even enjoyable. Microwaves and steam ovens and even self-cleaning ovens have made it so that making dinner is not really a chore anymore. No wonder women are choosing to cook rather than put the bins out."

A massive 95% of women said that their partner liked them to cook for them and that more than three quarters try new recipes specifically to impress him.

Despite the women surveyed admitting that they did most of the cooking in the house, they also agreed that they didn't mind doing it and felt that overall the chores were pretty evenly divided between the two of them.

More than half have made the effort to learn how to cook their partner's favourite foods and three quarters say they like to impress their partner with their culinary skills.

The research also showed that women are four times as likely to cook a meal from scratch as a man is.

"The results showed that although men were cooking they still weren't doing it even nearly as much as women were," continues Deborah. "We find from our sales in store that men love the gadgetry nature of cooking products, such as slider controls on hobs and icon controls on oven programmers that look like a mobile phone graphics and remote controlled extractor hoods - yet when they get home they leave the cooking to their partners."

"We commissioned the research to find out who really was doing the cooking in UK homes, our products are designed to appeal equally to men and women - on these findings perhaps we should review this on products for the UK anyway."

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11th November 2011

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