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10th August 2018


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With the UK's car scrappage scheme about to end, I've come across a similar scheme in the US which covers unwanted kitchen appliances etc. and is designed to stimulate the economy while saving energy and encouraging recycling - thus helping the environment. Seems like a good idea to me...

The 'cash for appliance clunkers' rebate programme has a pot of $300m. Those taking advantage of the scheme can be awarded up to $200 for the purchase of an energy efficient appliance, through discounts given at the cash register when they make their purchase, as well as a 'mail-in rebate' if their ‘clunker' appliance is hauled away by one of the approved recycling companies.

And of course, consumers will save money not only when they buy the appliance but throughout the appliance's life too, as using less energy will result in cost savings on utility bills.

I hear that the US ‘cash for clunkers' car programme went through $ 1 billion in just a week, so I should imagine the industry and the retailers are feeling pretty frazzled right now as consumers rush out to choose their new appliances before the money runs out!

Lane Burt, Manager of Buildings & Energy Policy with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C., believes that the programme's success could encourage manufacturers to invest more in green technology in the future.

“Green technology is usually a small market, and when the manufacturers expand capacity, it involves changing their manufacturing lines and where they're investing their resources,” he said. “If they see there is a market, they will put more money into developing new, energy-efficient technology.”

And talking of new technology, our rolling KBB 2010 preview kicks off this week with information from a handful of the companies that will be exhibiting.

If you're a manufacturer or supplier who's taking part and haven't yet sent KBZine information that will encourage our readers to attend the show and visit your stand, please do so as soon as possible so we can include it in our pages over the coming weeks. Everything we run will end up in our KBB feature, which can be used by those visiting the show to plan their days there, so do make sure you don't miss out!



Jan Hobbs

5th February 2010

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