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28th January 2021


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Whirlpool's new fridge freezer extends freshness up to 50% longer

* WHIRLPOOL_FF.jpgWhirlpool is passionate about food preservation. Not only is food essential to life, for consumers food is ranked as part of enjoyment as well as being key to good health. There is a major focus on diet today and the desire for healthy and fresh food to cope with the pace of modern life and keep in good shape is top of mind for most.

Research conducted by Research Plus during 2009 found that taste and quality are the top consideration when choosing foods and consumers expect food companies to be responsible for their health and well-being. Today 50% of Europeans purchase fresh food and 30% choose fewer frozen products than they used to. There is a quest for quality, freshness, flavour, nutritional value and long preservation times.

Whirlpool's new fridge freezer, the WBE 3321 NFW, offers the new Nature Fresh system that keeps fruit and vegetables up to 50% longer. New 'Nature Fresh' technology is a module in the fruit and vegetable drawer that contains a sachet of natural salts that absorbs ethylene. Ethylene plays a key role in the ripening of fruit and ageing of vegetables, so its introduction will extend the storage life of both.

"Today we are shifting our habits to avoid food waste and consumers are much more aware and looking for guarantees of longer food freshness for a better and healthier life," comments Dean McKelvie, Product Marketing Manager, Freestanding for Whirlpool. "Our new refrigerators are all designed to address food wastage and extend food preservation, preventing deterioration and loss of nutritional value and the formation of unpleasant odours - and our latest introduction is 'Nature Fresh'.

"We feel that food preservation is a crucial factor for consumers in the choice of a refrigerator."

Key benefits of Whirlpool's new fridge freezer with 'Nature Fresh', the WBE 3321 NFW, are:

* Freestanding fridge freezer with new Nature Fresh system to keep fruit and vegetables up to 50% longer
* 'A' energy rating for lower running costs
* Versatile and flexible fridge door storage for big bottles and containers
* Bottom mounted 4* frost-free freezer
* MAX space freezer drawer for managing big and awkward shaped items
* Whisper quiet at just 42 dB(A)
* Total 328 litre capacity; fridge 228 litres; freezer 125 litres
* Finished in pristine white
* Dimensions: H x W x D: 189.5 x 59.5 x 64.0 cm

T: 0208 649 5000
W: www.whirlpool.co.uk

6th August 2010

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