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28th January 2021


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Knowing your customer? Handle with care!

The future of the UK bathroom industry is in the hands of a rather select group of people. Customers. Your customers. But who, exactly are these people and how do they wield so much power?

This is one of the fundamental questions to be discussed and debated at the Bathroom Business Conference on 8th October 2013. This annual conference has grown over the last decade and has developed a reputation for tackling some of the difficult questions which the industry faces.

Eight hand picked speakers, who have first hand knowledge of how customers tick, will give us the benefit of their experience. They are:

* Gerald Ratner, CEO geraldonline, now the UK's largest jewellery on-line store. Gerald is very much in demand as a business speaker and when asked what advice he gives during his speeches he said: "You have to show a little humility and admit where you went wrong so that people can learn from your mistakes! The last thing you should do is describe the products you sell as 'total crap'!"

* Richard Butler, Director CBI, who argues: "Customers are constantly changing. Their needs and wants are constantly changing. Today's industry has to change too to meet the needs of customers - it's a simple case of adapt or die."

* Jonathan Pritchard, Managing Partner, Tangent Snowball, who says: "Today's customers are more empowered than ever and will become increasingly more so. How do brands respond to this customer empowerment in order to achieve sustainable business growth? The customer sits at the hub of the wheel, rather than being a spoke in the wheel. How you know your customer, how your customer operates and how your customer then relates to your brand are the pillars of this talk."

* Petr Salz, Director Strategyn Europe - a company that provides Fortune 1000 companies with visionary product and market strategies. "What do customers really want? Do you agree that your company should provide customers what they want and are willing to pay for?" asks Petr. "In the real world this is easier said than done. People are different and often they don't express their needs very well. Right? Wrong! People can articulate their needs perfectly, if they are asked right questions."

* George Mentjox, Corporate Communications Director, Kiwa NV, an international certification company based in The Netherlands, who asks: "Knowing your customer is one thing, but does he know you ? What's your image? Of course your company is the most reliable of all, of course you do sell the best quality products, of course your customers will get the best service there is. But how does a potential customer know? He can find out in reviews on the Internet, ask around or even believe in your blue eyes. But will this be sufficient to get your customers trust or do we need more if we want to enlarge our international sales?"

* Clive Drinkwater, Regional Director, UKTI, North West. Rebalancing the economy towards manufacturing and exporting is one of the Government's key priorities. Clive will explore the key benefits of exporting both to the UK economy and at the firm level. He will also explain why UKTI is determined to see more exporters taking advantage of the new high growth markets of the world.

* Dr Alison Browne, Research Fellow at the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester, who argues: "New analysis of bathroom customer habits allows for a deeper understanding of the routines of everyday life that lead to domestic water consumption. For the bathroom industry this approach offers a new way of thinking about customers, particularly related to ideas of comfort and cleanliness embedded in sustainable design."

* Greg Nugent, former Director of Brand, Marketing & Culture for the London Olympics and Paralympics, is the Keynote speaker. After overseeing Eurostar's move to St Pancras, Greg took on the enormous challenge of marketing London 2012 - with 60 million stakeholders and media waiting to pounce on every slip. He initiated a regular dialogue with the public, made volunteers into Gamesmakers and attracted millions to watch the torch relay pass through their local community. In this enthralling talk, Greg suggests the Games provide lessons for every business about bravery and positive engagement.

* Nina Hossain, well known broadcaster and journalist, will be our host and facilitator for the conference. She will keep both the speakers and delegates on track and on time for the busy day.

Don't be disappointed! Contact the organisers now to secure your seat. A full range of delegate packages is available

T: 01782 631619
W: www.bathroom-association.org

13th September 2013

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