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28th January 2021


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Whirlpool launches 'best ever' range of resource-saving appliances

Caring for the planet as well as our pockets can be tough during challenging economic times. Opting for an environmentally friendly lifestyle impacts on household bills and sticking to our ethics is not always feasible. The Whirlpool Green Generation is a new range of top-quality, Italian designed and European built appliances that will save money and the world's resources.

The Green Generation incorporates laundry, dishwashing and refrigeration appliances designed to save resources, consumption in the home and to reduce impact on the environment.  Using Whirlpool's patented 6th Sense technology that intelligently monitors, adapts and controls to get the best from each appliance, it is also beautifully styled and easy to use. 

"The preservation of our planet is part of our DNA," said Juliana Sado, Brand Marketing Manager, at the UK launch last week. "Since 1970 we have had a corporate office for environmental control and it has been a central focus in creating a range of appliances that saves our natural resources as well as maximising savings for the consumer is the ultimate appliance. This new range demonstrates how vital innovation is to sustainable development and how, using the latest technologies, we can ensure we take into account the needs of today and tomorrow. This is the range is the best energy saving and sustainable appliances we have ever offered."

Silvia Del Vitto, European Senior Brand Manager, added: "Looking around the world today, there are clear signs that the pace of the 'green' march is quickening. Every day it takes new strides, laws are passed and environmental ideas appear. We see leadership from the private sector, governmental and non-governmental organisations introduce initiatives to help achieve environmental sustainability. 

"Whirlpool is aware that the challenge of our future will start not just outside, but also inside our homes. Electrical appliances represent the majority (more than 70% - Italian Data) of domestic electricity consumption and account for about 20% of the national energy bill (Italian Data). The contribution made to energy saving and the resulting reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by the domestic and professional equipment sector has been recognised by the European Commission as the most important in the EU (Green Paper on Energy Efficiency. Doing More with Less). Energy efficiency in our homes is about using a smarter, multi-pronged approach, including innovation in technology and fundamental changes in our daily actions - and much of that means improving our quality of life.

"That is why Whirlpool Europe has always considered the protection of the environment as a priority in all its business decisions and, for 40 years, the company has engaged in developing innovative products that help safeguard our planet's resources and use energy in an efficient way.

- In 1970 Whirlpool set up the 'Corporate Office for Environmental Control' with the precise responsibility to monitor and control the impact on the environment.

- In 2003, during the Kyoto conference, Whirlpool was the first appliance manufacturer to announce a strategy to reduce greenhouse gases, taking on the responsibility to reduce emissions by 3% by 2008, and actually achieving and even beating its objective. 

"To be a sustainable Company for Whirlpool really means to care about the environmental impact of its products throughout all their lifecycle, from design to production, to their use by the consumers and final disposal. Whirlpool environmental strategy leverages on two levels:

1. The first is linked to how we design, manufacture and dispose of our products. According to eco-design principles, products are developed taking into account the impact on the environment throughout their entire lifecycle. The raw materials employed in their manufacture are carefully selected. Water and energy consumption, recyclability and ease of disassembly are also important factors that are considered. This methodology led to the creation of two innovative products, a washing machine and a dryer that are both 95% recyclable thanks to the use of entirely re-usable materials. Then we are also committed to using low-environmental-impact packaging. In the past few years the development of innovative packaging materials helped save several thousand tons of waste. In 2001 Whirlpool Europe received an award from AILOG (The Italian Logistics & Supply Chain Management Association) for an innovative packaging concept that, on top of being recyclable, is easier to transport. This new concept helps save energy, optimising space in the warehouse and reducing packaging costs by up to 30%. The environmental policy involves also the production sites. In fact Whirlpool is part of the Environmental Protection Agency's programme for the reduction of toxic emissions and, in the past 10 years the release of toxic chemicals in the production sites has decreased by 99%. In Europe, all the factories have adopted a depuration system for industrial wastes that helps reduce the impact on the environment and the production of toxic substances. 

2. The second level addresses the use phase, the most critical phase of an appliance's lifecycle, as we have just mentioned before.  About 90% of the total CO2 emissions occur during this phase, as a result of indirect emissions that are created through the production of electricity, natural gas and other resources appliances use to operate. This is why Whirlpool has focused on developing 6th SENSE products that optimise the use of resources, leading to significant water and energy savings. 

"But the aspect in which Whirlpool could be considered a forerunner is the combined use of already existing technologies, like the 6th Sense sensors, into a network. That is the basis of GreenKitchen concept, a project that seeks to change the rules of the game in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact. Today GreenKitchen 2.0 represents the evolution of GreenKitchen concept; we drew inspiration from what nature does: adapt, reduce, recycle and so we have brought to life a cutting-edge kitchen system that optimizes the energy performance of Whirlpool appliances adapting, reducing and recycling. 

"Besides GreenKitchen 2.0, Whirlpool offers consumers a number of energy efficient appliances that meet or exceed energy savings requirements. That is the Green Generation range, the best appliances in class energy efficiency on the today's market. Green Generation is a brand range of innovative refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and freezers which help to reduce energy and water consumption in the home, minimising impact on the environment as well as on the monthly bills. Using "Whirlpool's 6th Sense technology which intelligently senses, adapts and controls to get the best from each appliance, the Green Generation range is as stylish to look at as it is easy to use. So consumers can enjoy outstanding performance in elegant surroundings, safe in the knowledge that water and energy use is kept to a minimum. 

"Green Generation range is an example of how our company continually develops high-performance appliances that help conserve the earth's resources and allow homeowners to use energy more efficiently. What Whirlpool has done so far has further instilled a sense of responsibility to take its programs to the next level and offer unique avant-garde solutions.

"For the future Whirlpool is ready to collaborate with the most advanced research laboratories to design even more innovative solutions, such as intelligent appliances that interact with the electricity grid and automatically adapt their consumption to energy demand and peaks. So, the great challenge for the future lies in the developing of appliances "Smart Grid ready". Our President, Bracken Darrell, announced that by 2015 Whirlpool Smart Appliances will be able to respond to signals from the grid during peak demand periods, and instantaneously reduce or stop their electricity consumption by momentarily adapting their operating cycle without loss of performance."

The Green Generation unveiled:

Washing Machines - AWOE 8760/B and AWOE 9559B/S

The Green Generation washing machines offer A-30% energy rating boast either an 8kg or 9kg capacity. They adapt the resources to the size of the wash load using Whirlpool 6th Sense technology. Up to 50% savings in energy, water and time can be realised with outstanding performance and results.  They also include a patented automatic Detergent Dosing System that also saves money and the environment.  

"We believe this is the first machine that can recommend the correct amount of detergent for every wash, and therefore saving the consumer considerable sums of money throughout the year, and contribute to conserving the condition of our water sources," comments Juliana.

Tumble Dryers - AZA 9780

The A energy efficient, Green Generation condenser tumble dryer is the best in class using traditional technology.  The large 9kg capacity dryer means you can run fewer programme cycles saving time and energy, as well as improving garment care and reducing creasing.  Driven by Whirlpool's 6th Sense technology and new airflow system it delivers outstanding performance.  The new dryer enjoys 30% faster drying times equating to a 45 minutes time saving.  6th Sense technology senses, adapts and monitors the laundry load, detecting humidity and dryness levels precisely for efficient performances and excellent results.

The Carisma design with new control panel, door and interface elements perfectly align and match with the laundry range for complete harmony in the home.

Dishwasher - ADP 7955WH/SL

The Green Generation 13 place setting dishwasher boasts triple 'A' ratings. It offers green credentials as well as 30% more space with a third wash level, and 35% better results thanks to new PowerClean MAX and 6th Sense Aquasteam.  The dishwasher adapts the programme according to the level of soiling and saves up to 50% energy, water and time using 6th Sense technology. 

New PowerClean MAX eliminates the need to scrub or soak crockery and pans prior to dishwashing saving time and water. The 24 rotating water jets at the rear of the dishwasher work together to remove stubborn or baked-on food on pots, pans and baking trays without the use of additional energy or water. At the same time, 6th Sense technology ensures glassware and delicate items are cleaned gently, safely and thoroughly. 

6th Sense AquaSteam boosts the normal programme by adding steam to remove tough stains without the need for pre-treatment. Steam is a great asset not only for cleaning but it also helps to eliminate bacteria, sanitising the load.

Refrigeration - WBC 3546A+NFCW

Green Generation refrigeration maximises the use of 6th Sense technology, maintaining the optimum temperature and moisture levels minimising the amount of energy used, while ensuring long-lasting freshness, taste and nutritional value of food and produce. 'A+' energy rated for efficiency with intuitive LCD controls that are easily programmable to provide the best temperature with feedback and information about current storage conditions. Using 6th Sense Fresh Control technology throughout the fridge (not just in a single drawer) it monitors, adapts and controls the temperature and humidity to conserve food quality for up to four times longer. This innovation ensures that consumers can keep food as fresh as the day they bought it.  For example ham will be fresh four days longer, spinach three days longer and pears up to seventeen days longer! 

The temperature is restored up to five times faster than a conventional fridge, after door opening, so food keeps better for longer and saving the consumer valuable money from reduced wastage and time shopping.

Juliana concludes: "This is Whirlpool's commitment to our future, and we can honestly demonstrate that a green choice does not mean compromising on quality, performance, aesthetics or value. High-tech innovation, seamless performance encapsulated in stylish design that makes it easier to achieve superior performance and results without the sacrifice to our pockets or our planet."

T: 0208 649 5000

W: www.whirlpool.co.uk

8th October 2010

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