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28th January 2021


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No doubt you’ve seen the news that’s been all over the tabloids, regarding what appears to be a reluctance amongst the French to shower more than once every few days. I’m not sure how old the study on which this story is based, actually is, as I recall having come across it before… Plus the press officers at the companies mentioned in the news aren’t able to shed any light on it. However, it did get me thinking…

Talk to anyone over the age of about 50 and they’ll tell you that they very rarely showered as a child/young adult and that other than a weekly bath – generally on a Sunday – a quick wash in the morning before school or college was enough to keep them clean and sweet smelling. I’m told that adults used to follow the same personal hygiene routine and that people generally only washed their hair once a week.

I’ve seen on social media that people are signing up to a monthly ‘switch-off’ protest day whereby they pledge not to use any gas or electricity; something that has been done weekly in the past with fuel purchases to protest against prices. I’m now wondering if there’s any mileage in extending this to include not showering (which you can’t really do anyway unless you use some gas or electricity).

I know the industry is doing really well at manufacturing products and appliances that use less water without us as consumers being able to tell the difference, and while I wouldn’t recommend doing what the French are purported to be doing, just think how much water could be saved if we promoted the idea of not taking a shower just one day a week – or even one day a month if that’s more bearable!



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Jan Hobbs


29th May 2015

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