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28th January 2021


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Something really odd is happening at my home which I’m hoping those of you in the bathroom installation business (or if you employ specialists to fit bathrooms for your clients) will be able to help me with…

Whenever I water my garden with my hose, my bathroom cistern starts filling until it overflows – sometimes showering me with cold water if I happen to be watering those patio tubs, which sit under the overflow, at the time!

This doesn’t make any sense to me and everyone I’ve asked is at just as much of a loss.

My water comes straight from the mains so I’m assuming it’s something to do with the change of pressure when I turn the garden water tap on, but why it should suddenly affect the cistern upstairs is beyond me – particularly as it doesn’t happen in the downstairs cloakroom.

My daughters have been nagging me to call a plumber to fit a new ballcock ever since the weather turned hot, but as I’m about to finally choose a new bathroom, I don’t want to waste money on paying for something new to be fitted when it’s only going to be used for a few weeks. Also, if it’s perfectly natural occurrence, I’ll be wasting my money anyway, won’t I, as the same thing will happen with the new one?

If you have any ideas on why this may be happening, do please email me. I’ll include your comments in KBzine so you may well be rewarded with some new business for sharing your expertise!

Finally – and I’m not sure how long this heatwave’s likely to continue but fingers crossed… There are some useful tips below on how to keep staff safe and happy during hot weather. Something that’s not included in the piece, but which should be, is that anyone involved in the transportation and installation of goods should be cut some slack over timings and even perhaps be given extra time for breaks. It’s a difficult job at the best of times but when the weather’s as hot as it is, it can become dangerous for those on a tight schedule who are humping washing machines and the like up and down people’s stairs.



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Jan Hobbs



3rd July 2015

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