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15th June 2018


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Spend on presents - not plumbers

Managing Director Robin Johnson of Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward's Chartered Surveyors, advises on how to prevent emergency repairs on your property over Christmas

"Your property, just like your car, needs an annual service to prevent costly repairs. As we get closer to Christmas, prices for emergency repairs inflate. If you service essential items, like your boiler or gas fire, prior to December you will not only avoid winter malfunctions you will also allow yourself time to acquire two or more quotes from different professionals. 

Not only is it prudent to arrange for professionals to service your property, there are also a number of tasks you can undertake yourself to prevent unnecessary costs and hassle:

* Clear your gutters of autumn leaves to prevent water overflow.

* Check the insulation of your loft and around the boiler to prevent heat loss and keep your property warmer.

* Ensure ventilation bricks are unobstructed to prevent dampness from lack of aeration.

If you are going away this Christmas, complete the following tasks to prepare your house to prevent damage and costly repairs. 

Frozen pipes bursting can be a major problem for homes during the colder months. If you are going on holiday there are two possible preventions. Firstly you can drain down the heating or water system of all water. Secondly you can leave your heating on a timer to prevent remaining water freezing in the cold conditions. 

Leave a key to your house with a neighbour or someone you trust. If an emergency does occur you have someone who can access your home quickly in order to assess damage and organise repairs.

Check with your insurer before going away about what your policy covers and what you should be aware of regarding damage to your property while you are on holiday."

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