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15th June 2018


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Freshness packed in

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Extend the life of food and improve the space and efficiency of your freezer with the help of Baumatic's Vacuum Packer from its PremiumLine compact range.

Freezing freshly cooked food for re-heating at a later date is a great time-saver and food lasts up to five times longer when vacuum packed, as well as freeing up extra space in the freezer. Baumatic's Vacuum Packer is easy to use, simply place a plastic bag in the chamber, close the door and press start. The appliance will then remove the air from the bag, seal it and return the atmosphere within the unit back to normal, ready for freezing.

As well as extending the life of food, the Vacuum Packer also prevents 'freezer burn', when the surface of food becomes dehydrated and the flavour and texture is spoilt. Vacuum packing prevents freezer burn by protecting food from exposure to cold dry air.

As well as making light work of blast chilling, to ensure no goodness is lost during the freezing process, vacuum packing also allows for a special cooking method, Sous-vide, or 'under vacuum'. This involves poaching vacuum sealed food, which retains the flavour, nutrients and consistency of the food from the original day of vacuum packing.

Baumatic's BVP460SS Vacuum Packer has four vacuum-packing cycles, a three-minute preserving cycle and a one-minute quick vacuum-pack cycle, ensuring that all food types can be suitably preserved.

Finished with stainless steel edging, the BVP460SS is the perfect addition to the company's compact PremiumLine appliance collection.

T:  0118 933 6900

W:  www.baumatic.co.uk

19th November 2010

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