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25th May 2018


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Vac from the Sea competition winner joins expedition

* Brit-in-Life-Jacket.jpgElectrolux Vac from the Sea project: blogger Brit Liggett wins the 5 Gyres competition

Brit Liggett, a 26 year old blogger from Brooklyn, New York, wins the Electrolux and 5 Gyres competition, where first prize is becoming a crew member on the forthcoming 5 Gyres research expedition through the Beagle Channel in March.

Within the framework of the Vac from the Sea-project, Electrolux and renowned research organisation 5 Gyres have invited one person to join the 5 Gyres research expedition through the Beagle Channel, Chile. Devotees from around the world competed to become the crew member by submitting a short film explaining why they deserved the placement.

The expedition will be conducting research using a manta trawl to collect surface samples. The Beagle Channel, just as many other parts of the world's oceans, is still unexplored in terms of mapping out the variety of different plastics accumulated in the water.

Brit Liggett is a blogger, writing about the environment from a green design perspective. She has a history of covering the issue of marine debris and wants to show the public direct consequences of not taking better care of the plastic.

She is also quite the sailing enthusiast. She has spent a lot of time on the water, on sailing trips and restoring sailing boats as a child. These days she lives in Brooklyn, New York, but still has navigational maps on her walls.

A brief description of life on board

The crew stands a 24_hour watch, normally in teams. On duty Brit will be on deck working the sails, helm and other boat functions. Watch teams also help navigate, communicate with other vessels, and readying the next watch crew.

When research is underway, nets may be in the water, cameras may be filming or the small inflatable boats may be on an away mission. Brit's watch role will also include important supporting roles like monitoring the boat systems, cleaning and cooking meals for the crew.

Near shore the routines vary, including diving, shore work or away missions, where sub_teams are gone sometimes for days.

The expedition sets off from Puerto Williams on March 3rd and will be at sea for 11 days before reaching final destination Valdivia, Chile, on March 14th.

You will be able to follow Brit's journey on vacfromthesea as of March 1st.

About Vac from the Sea:

To inspire people in solving the plastic paradox and bring awareness to the plastic environmental situation, Electrolux has, with the help of organisations, gathered plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and turned the gathered plastic into unique vacuum cleaners. The global initiative aims to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution in the world's oceans, and at the same time combat the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for making sustainable home appliances.

To view a short video featuring the Vacs from the Sea and documentation from collecting sites:


To follow the expedition:


T: 08445 611611
F: 08445 618 920
W: www.electrolux.co.uk

25th February 2011

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