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15th June 2018


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Cleaning and maintenance of wall and floor tiles impact on costs

In determining the total cost of any type of wall or floor finish, it is necessary to take into account the expense of cleaning maintenance and renewal. This is more important in commercial specifications but design life costs are a powerful argument for selling ceramic and natural stone tiles in domestic situations.

A Technical Working Group of The Tile Association has prepared a new technical document ,'The Cleaning and Maintenance of Wall and Floor Tiles'.

The documents covers the cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles including, unglazed tile, encaustic tile, fully vitreous porcelain, quarry tiles, terracotta tiles, Victorian tiles, polished, semi polished and partially polished tiles and glazed ceramic tiles.

It also defines the following natural products and outlines suitable cleaning regimes for each one; Granite, Basalt, Sandstone, Quartzite, Slate, Limestone, Travertine and Marble. The guidance goes through the pre-clean, pre-seal, grout removal, final seal and surface coatings, daily and weekly maintenance, deep cleaning and renovation.

The document also covers cleaning recommendations for agglomerate tiles, metal tiles and glass tiles.

There is advice on spot cleaning and the removal of stains such as red wine, oxides, oils, fats, tea and coffee, mould and mildew, soot and fire damage, oil, tea, coffee and general food staining as well as flood damage. It also addresses that perennial question from customers, how to clean grout.

Dirty floors are often slippery as are floors cleaned incorrectly and the document refers to Health & Safety Executive publication Slips and trips: 'The importance of floor cleaning'.

You will find this and a list of other TTA technical publications on the TTA website.

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18th March 2011

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