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13th April 2018


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Innovative device adds value to bathroom accessories sales

* curtain-bouncer.jpgA new device is set to revolutionise the shower-time experience in around three million UK households while offering retailers a valuable low-cost bathroom accessory sales opportunity.

The Curtain Bouncer has been designed to solve one of life's irritating mysteries - why shower curtains always cling to your skin. It happens because water from the shower head creates a low pressure vortex that draws the curtain inwards. The Curtain Bouncer is an easy-to-fit, simple, cost-effective device that can be used with any shower curtain. The weighted device clips onto the curtain rail and simply 'bounces' the curtain back into place and holds it firmly in place.

The inventor says that, at a recommended retail price of just £13.99, the device offers consumers a low-cost means of reclaiming the shower and, for retailers, a valuable 'add-on' sales opportunity. "Even relatively small household retailers typically stock several lines of shower curtain, which remain a favourite with consumers because of their affordability and practicality," says Guy Rackham.

"Selling the Curtain Bouncer alongside those ranges will extend retailers' sales opportunities. The product will work with any shower curtain, is discreet (it folds back with the curtain) and is easy to assemble."

The Curtain Bouncer will appeal, not only to domestic households, but to commercial premises also...

"We anticipate strong take up in the mid-range hotel market (around 400,000 across the UK) as well as in health clubs and spas," says Christina Wood, Sales & Marketing Director. "The product will be promoted through an active media relations and viral marketing campaign that will target domestic and commercial buyers across the UK from June 2011."

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E: info@curtainbouncer.com
W: www.curtainbouncer.com

8th July 2011

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