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15th June 2018


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Polypipe launches Domus radial duct system

Polypipe Ventilation, has launched its Domus Radial Duct System for properties requiring whole house ventilation.

Traditional ducting systems are based upon a branch design, with ducting to rooms run off a main duct connected to a MEV, MVHR unit or in-line fan. The Domus Radial Duct System works differently in that each room vent is served by one 75mm semi rigid duct which connects directly to a central distribution system splitting the air from the Air Handling Unit.

In specific market applications, the system benefits from less air leakage and improved air flow, which also makes for easier commissioning and a quieter system.

Furthermore, with its longer, semi-rigid, flexible duct lengths and easy to assemble push fit joints, the Domus Radial Duct System is quicker to install than traditional branch ducting.

Although suitable for use in all domestic properties, the Domus Radial Duct System is ideal for larger houses where modern methods of construction may make traditional ducting problematic, e.g. as a result of poor access to voids, or where multiple room extraction is required.

It has been designed for use with whole house ventilation systems which may include heat recovery. Polypipe's Energy Saving Trust Best Practice compliant and SAP Q rated heat recovery units are an ideal option. The most powerful unit, the HR03L accommodates up to seven wet rooms and a kitchen and produces up to 640 Pascals of pressure, easily accommodating very long duct runs. Even with this capacity, the HR03L is extremely compact and light weight and can be easily installed through standard loft hatches.

The Domus Radial Duct System can be purchased as a convenient ready-made system pack incorporating a manifold for central air distribution, 150mm ducting and
accessories for connecting the manifold to the Air Handling Unit, 75mm semi rigid ducting and accessories, seals and outlet plenum. Alternatively, any of the system components can be ordered individually.

To provide maximum support for the new system, a full specification and design service is also available from Polypipe Ventilation.

Polypipe Ventilation is at the forefront in delivering energy-efficient ventilation solutions and plays a vital role in helping customers to achieve the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

T: 08443 715523
W: www.polypipe.com

9th September 2011

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