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15th June 2018


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World's 50 best restaurants: trends from top chefs and critics

Electrolux has asked some of the world's most influential food critics and chefs: "What is the next big thing in the culinary world?"

Their answer is "A Scandinavian bistro-style slow street-food restaurant with Japanese influences focusing on local ingredients!"

As a global appliance manufacturer that offers a complete range of kitchen solutions for both professional and home kitchens and one that bases all product development (both for professional and home use) on consumer insight, Electrolux is in a great position to share some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the world's most creative kitchens. To further increase its understanding of the latest food trends Electrolux is a proud sponsor and partner of the World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy i.e. the people who select the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

To get the lowdown on what really goes on in the world of top tier cooking Electrolux conducted a survey among the members of the Electrolux World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy. It asked them what they thought would be the dominant trends for the coming two years. Of all respondents almost 60% thought local food is going to continue to be the number one trend. In second place came bistro-styled restaurants followed by slow food and in fourth place street food.

Although most of the participants in the survey seemed to be of one mind there were some differences. For example luxury restaurants were only rated as the fifth most important trend overall. Maybe not surprisingly, both chefs and restaurateurs rated luxury restaurants as the third most important trend. For food critics however, luxury dining didn't even make in to the top five.

The most influential food trends appear to be coming from Scandinavia: Top restaurant Danish Noma has been selected as the world's best restaurant two years in a row, and the top three places in the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition are held by a Dane, a Swede and a Norwegian. Simplicity and fidelity to the ingredients seem to be a sign of things to come given the second most influential cuisine is Japanese, which has similar qualities to Scandinavian style cooking. But 'new' world cuisines aren't the only ones setting culinary trends. French cuisine is still ranked as the third most important trendsetter.

When Electrolux interviewed Rene Redzepi, just after his restaurant Noma had been selected as the world's best restaurant for the second year in a row, he said that vegetables are going to be the number one 'trend ingredient'. With meat having been in focus lately things seem to be about to change.

"For me I think we are going into a period where people are going to eat more greens and vegetables," he said.

Michelin star chef Sanghoon Degeimbre uses vegetables as the star ingredient in many of his dishes. For this reason Sanghoon grows all his own vegetables in a local garden which is tended by one of his team members. The daily yield dictated much of what was being served during the day at the Electrolux Cube where Sanghoon was a resident chef.


16th September 2011

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