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15th June 2018


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I've read a lot in recent years about the growth of insurance scams whereby criminals target innocent motorists and stage accidents, with a view to earning money out of injuries they claim to have sustained as a result of the innocent party's 'negligence'.

Apparently because of motoring laws and the lack of visual evidence regarding the accident, it's difficult for a claim to be disputed and these criminals are finding that it's a lucrative business - hence its growth. As a result, everyone's insurance costs go up, which adds to the struggle both us as individuals and companies that are trying to stay afloat in these troubled times, have to face.

I had been wondering whether KBB industry drivers had been targeted in this way and also whether drivers with valuable loads of furniture and appliances now felt more vulnerable with the opening up of Europe's borders and the lackadaisical checks made on those coming and going.

One of the stories this week reports on Mereway's use of video event data recording systems on its fleet and while it's really clever initiative I feel sad that the decline in moral standards in recent years has made it necessary. I daresay that while Mereway has 'rolled it out' across its fleet, such systems are going to be rolled out across the haulage industry in general.



Jan Hobbs


2nd December 2011

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