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20th April 2018


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Insurance company pays for VEDR cameras in company fleet

* Mereway-lorries.jpgRenowned kitchen and bathroom manufacturer, Mereway, was finding it increasingly difficult to support driving insurance claims with clear and supporting evidence to determine the outcome. The problem was resolved by installing Roadscan VEDR (video event data recording) cameras, into the company's entire fleet of HGVs. Mereway's insurance company was so impressed with the product and its ability to reduce false claims costs that it paid for the cameras.

With a fleet of 14 HGV lorries ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 38 tonnes, delivering daily across the UK, Mereway Kitchens and Bathrooms has grown to become one of the largest rigid kitchen manufacturers in the UK.

The company started to see a rise in false insurance claims - a trend, it seems, in the industry, with other drivers making claims against Mereway's fleet of vehicles (and hence its insurance). Mereway was experiencing claims where it was finding it increasingly difficult to identify watertight supporting evidence to help determine the outcome in its favour.

Mereway established that driving cameras and VEDR systems were growing in the US and the concept was beginning to gain traction in the UK with a claim that it stopped 90% of false claims. Aviva Insurance actually promotes the use of cameras stating: "Cameras can offer huge benefits to drivers and fleet managers by providing improved risk information, preventing crashes and reducing costs as well as fulfilling their duty of care responsibilities and managing their employees behaviours". Aviva also says that the VEDR systems "support fraud investigation - helping to establish where the responsibility lies".

Mereway chose theRoadScan Pro as it was easy to use and the quality of both the sound and video footage was high enough to use in an official capacity if required. It also offered value for money.

John Kane, director of RoadScan, visited Mereway in Birmingham and demonstrated the RoadScan Pro - showing the transport manager footage of actual incidents and how the results were used (this even included an incident that was filmed by John on his drive up to Mereway). Lionel Hipkiss, Transport Manager, Mereway says of the demonstration: "I was very impressed with the quality of video which is exceptional."

The RoadScan Pro continuously records on a 30 second loop and captures and saves 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after it is triggered by a driving event. Additionally, the RoadScan can be set to continuous 'record and save' mode which is beneficial for driver / training reviews.

The single lens, forward facing camera not only records accidents but also provides vehicle speed and location information. The Digital Image Tachograph tracker provides a daily record of the vehicle's route, enabling fleet managers to check for deviations, unlogged stops and breaks.

After receiving a full demonstration, the insurance company was so impressed that it offered to pay for the hardware if Mereway paid for the fitting to its fleet.

Mike Kidd, Senior Account Executive at the insurance broker, Jelf Clarke Roxburgh, comments: "The main benefits discussed with the insurers were that the RoadScan records in real time and will assist in fighting disputed claims where the two parties in an accident give different accounts of the incident. The insurer was keen to support this initiative as it could see the benefits of reducing claims payments and was keen to support an insured party that was taking a proactive attitude to such matters."

The Mereway drivers were included in the process and were very satisfied with the extra security it would bring them and the company.

"Our drivers now feel far more in control and protected if they are involved in an incident," says Lionel Hipkiss. "This system has helped us deal with false claims but also shows if the driver is at fault. There is even a panic button which our drivers can press to record a situation if they feel threatened or if they see an incident which may require a witness.

"The system is easy to use and is so clear you cannot really argue with the results - and the company benefits from a discounted premium from the insurance company too."

Prior to installing RoadScan Mereway was unable to fully substantiate any claims. There was always a lot of paperwork and administration and it was often difficult for drivers to recreate the incident accurately to help the insurance company. After installing RoadScan it became far simpler and Mereway now just presents the footage which clearly shows the people and vehicles involved, the road layout, lighting, weather conditions, the noise, road signs as well as traffic flow and volume.

Since fitting out the company fleet with RoadScan 33 months ago, none of Mereway drivers have been involved in any incidents. "We normally find that once companies have installed our VEDRs accidents are reduced dramatically due to improved driver behaviour which results in worthwhile fuel savings!" reveals John Kane

The RoadScan PRO offers Fleet Managers a low cost, affordable solution to monitor driving behaviour, abuse of their vehicles and journeys their vehicles have made along with video verification of the facts should an incident or accident occur. It is also an essential management tool for company driver training, health and safety programmes and cost reductions.

T: +44 01582 765500
W: www.roadscan.co.uk

2nd December 2011

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