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20th April 2018


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Which? Magazine praises Maytag's 'excellent' six-litre dishwasher

* Maytag-MDW606-dishwasher.jpgIn a recent online review, the consumer champion Which? praised the new Maytag MDW 606 AWG dishwasher that has reduced water consumption to an unprecedented six-litres and decreased the need to pre-treat dishes prior to dishwashing.

Which? praised the machine for its 'excellent all round performance' and helpful features in a series of rigorous quality tests.

Which? commented: "We used the Maytag IntelliSense 40 -70 degrees C programme for our tests. This uses a sensor to measure how dirty the water is and then sets the temperature and length of the wash programme automatically to give the optimum results. It takes two hours and 54 minutes to wash a full load, which is longer than most main wash programmes - but the results are worth waiting for, as it washes extremely well.

"Our dishwashing tests include all sorts of items that are difficult to clean and dry, such as a filthy saucepan and a plastic lunchbox, as well as egg-smeared plates, bowls and cutlery. The Maytag managed to get every single one spotless, which is very impressive. It dries well too - there were no unsightly watermarks, and our plates, pots and cutlery came out dry enough to go straight into the cupboard without having to hunt round for a tea towel."

The Which? team was equally impressed by the Maytag's eco setting, saying: "You can save plenty of money and resources by using the Eco 50 degrees C programme. Not only does the eco setting reduce the electricity used by 37%, but it more than halves the water consumption, very impressive for a machine of this capacity. The eco wash takes just nine minutes longer than the normal programme, which is a small price to pay for such savings."

Dean McKelvie, Product Marketing Manager for Maytag explains: "The Maytag MDW 606 AWG owes its exceptional performance to the company's electronic IntelliSense and new pump technology. The low water consumption is achieved by saving the water from the final rinse in a dedicated reservoir, where it is stored and recycled for use at the beginning of the next programme.

"We are exceptionally pleased and this is certainly a great feather in the Maytag cap for Which? to pronounce its excellence. There is no better accolade and one of which we are very proud."

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24th February 2012

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