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15th June 2018


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Pegler Yorkshire

* Pegler.jpgPegler always does something special to attract visitors to its stand; last time it was a craftsman sculpting one of the company's range of taps from a block of ice; this year it was a shower falling in a pattern that showed images and the company's name spelled out against a coloured backdrop. The team told us it looked even bolder when the lights were off but we thought it was brilliant as it was!

Choosing the best possible solution for the job is critical in the healthcare sector - particularly where the issues concerned are as important as anti-bacterial protection and helping to prevent scalding and cross-contamination.

* Pegler-Strata-Blade.jpgPegler has worked closely with the healthcare sector for more than 80 years and its comprehensive and innovative range of Performa healthcare products has been created to meet the industry's very specific needs. Some of these were on display and very impressive they were too.

One such product is the Healthcare Plus Sensor Tap range. The taps use noncontact capacitive detection technology which is something John and I have never come across before, despite being heavily involved in the washroom hygiene market through our other e-news publication, Cleanzine.

Pegler's Mike Dickinson, Product Market manager of Taps, Mixers and Showers, showed us how it worked:

"All people have a natural capacitance and approaching the tap with hands alters the active capacitance, triggering the water to flow," he explained.

"Taps can be adjusted for sensitivity, have selectable auto-flush settings and a user active cleaning mode. This ease of operation is essential for people with restricted hand movement and the non-touch element will help prevent hospital acquired infections."

Very clever indeed...

The range of electronic basin taps includes both wall mounted and deck mounted and these are available with battery or mains operation.
The whole Performa range of healthcare taps, mixers, showers, thermostatic mixing valves and associated products has been developed to offer the widest possible choice of products.

Of course there was lots more of interest on display, but more of that another time...

Top picture shows: Pegler Yorkshire's Marie Youd shows us the copper tap, designed to prevent cross-contamination in a healthcare environment

T: 0844 243 4400
F: 01302 367 661
E: brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk
W: www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk

16th March 2012

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