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20th April 2018


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* CDA-ioniser-hood.jpgTo say we were blown away by the CDA stand is something of an understatement. But would its striking red and black exterior lead to a disappointment once we were inside examining the goods? I'm delighted to say that it did not, for as well as lots of new products, there were even some exciting prototypes on display, which Marketing Manager Sally Stothard talked us through.

Now, where should I begin?

* CDA-Sally.jpg

Well, of the prototypes, it was hard to guess which would be the most successful as we felt they were all brilliant. For example there's the built-in grill drawer, which integrates seamlessly with other appliances but provides cooks with the separate facility they want. Sally explained that eventually, customers will be able to create their preferred selection of CDA cooking drawers in the same way that they can with modular hobs.

The drawer, which is styled to match other CDS built-in appliances, can be installed beneath a worktop, a compact appliance or in a tower housing along with other cooking drawers. The powerful, full width electric grill is regulator controlled so the temperature remains steady with no thermostatic cycling - which can be a problem with some electric grills. The drawer is fully extendable allowing easy access to the entire cooking area - and it comes with a trivet. This can be removed to allow enough depth for browning shallow dishes such as gratins, potato topped dishes etc. It will be available in the Autumn.

An oven drawer is also under development, which will allow consumers to choose from a selection of cooking drawers to suit their own specific requirements. They might, for example, decide to team a grill drawer with two oven drawers and a warming drawer for plenty of cooking capacity and complete flexibility.

Also impressing visitors was the 'feel good' Ioniser Extractor concept (top picture), which has a 9000 volt negative ion generator that purifies and recirculates air while emanating negative ions throughout the kitchen - perfect for those that suffer from the 'winter blues'!

Negative ions are odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments... think mountains, waterfalls and beaches... But back to KBB... Once these negative ions reach the bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood enhancing chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost daytime energy. Just what we busy people need!

The extractor also makes a great job of clearing odours and steam as it has four brushless fans and an extraction rate of 600m3/hr. The brushless techologogy means that this extractor is much quieter in operation that a conventional model offering the same extraction rate.

Also extremely striking was the Q-light concept which adds a new dimension to the kitchen. The splashback has a hidden cold cathode light that produces even illumination across the surface. This advanced, long--life system is highly energy efficient and provides interesting ambient lighting as well as illuminating the hob area. It looks rather like the moon!

CDA has extended the trend in patterns, to its appliances and has developed some exciting new ideas for the Art collection (which currently includes the Steel Art multifunction oven and splashback, the Black Art oven and splashback and the Purple Art oven). On show was a striking gold/white design for the Art oven - picking up on a trend seen at Living Kitchen in Germany last year which saw inclusion of touches of gold in displays.

* CDA1.jpgAlso on show was a gas hob on patterned steel to match the existing Steel Art oven and splashback and a stunning gas on glass hob in patterned black glass to match the Black Art oven.

The circular EVQ7 extractor wss also shown in patterned variants.

"We are interested in judging customer reactions to these exciting new concepts," said Sally. "Steel Art, Purple Art and Black Art have been ery well received in the market so we know people are prepared to be a little adventurous."

Also on show were three stylish new looks for the award winning Sensor Touch interative multifunction oven. All three are handleless with push-push opening and closing. Sally said that minimalists appeared to love the sleek mirror finish which is teamed with a stainless steel fascia.

For those that like colour and pattern though, there's a choice of either gold or black on glass. In both cases the pattern covers both the oven door and the control panel. The ovens come complete with a grill pan, two shelves, a glass tray and a telescopic shelf kit.

"The SV310 Sensor Touch oven is very popular," said Sally. "And now we have developed a second generation concept extending the appeal to customers looking to make a real style statement in the kitchen."

John Austen quipped that another way to make a style statement would be to install the company's draft beer dispenser in the kitchen. What a great idea!

Moving away from the prototypes, there were so many other new products on show that there simply isn't room to do them justice here, so as we say in publishing, 'watch this space'!

23rd March 2012

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